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Worldwide Indexing How to Index


Many of you may not know me but I’m Matt the hubby to A Thrifty Mom. I’m the silent one on our site. One thing that many who know me will tell you is that I love to search my family tree. When I was younger I always wanted to know where I came from. For years we thought our last name, Barrand was German. We knew my mom’s side was Irish also because her name is Lyons. I used to fill out those paper family pedigree forms for Boy Scout merit badges and could only fill up one sheet to the great grand parents. And that didn’t satisfy my search to know where I came from. I think the drive that I had stemmed from not having any close family. Both my grandparents disowned my parents either due to religion or due to my parents not having money to send to their parents to “support” their laziness. I didn’t have uncles or aunts or cousins to talk to or play with. I never got to go to grandma’s house to play. I only had my parents and my brothers and sister.


Barrand family Avoudrey France

The Barrand Cousinade (reunion) in 2013 in France

When the internet first came around I used to type in our last name over and over to see if there was any correlation to other people. Well since the late 80’s and early 90’s things have changed big time. Now in my family tree I have over 70,000 names in my family. I know the Barrand family were some of the original families in Fort Wayne Indiana and that they originally came from an area in eastern France called Franche-Comte and the town of Avoudrey. Where we have them dated back to the mid 1400’s.  A couple years ago I even got to go to the “Barrand Cousinade” which is like a family reunion for all the Barrand cousins, mainly all from eastern France. My wife and I were the first Barrand’s from the USA to attend. It was so much fun to be with and stay in the area that you know your ancestors all came from!

Barrand family

A document of a land deed from the Barrand family from 1712!!!! Yes from before our constitution! I took careful pictures of all of the documents while in France, about 1200 photos laid out on a table and categorized photo was taken.

How to Index / What is Indexing

How did I get all of those names in my tree now? Well it was by the hard work of volunteers, originally at libraries and organizations who would take a picture of an old document like a church baptism record then typed the text on to a paper to have it entered later into a computer so that search engines could scan it and suggest it to others looking for those terms. Recently this same process has gotten so much easier and there are more and more names that “pop up” in search results every day now. It’s Amazing! But it is still done by volunteers like me and you. Right now Family Search.org/WorldsRecords is doing a world wide event for indexing family names. We are trying to get 72,000 people to index at least on set of records during a 72 hour period. Now this doesn’t mean you have to index for 72 hours non-stop, although it is very addicting. It just means that you spend about 20 or 30 minutes indexing one batch of records. That’s it!

Family Search Indexing

All you do is install the free software, register your info, and it assigns you a batch, or a group of similar records, to transpose from the image to the blank areas in text form. That way Google, MSN, Yahoo and all the search engines can now “see” what the record says so that people searching for the relatives can find it. I have had friends say that they have even randomly been assigned their own relatives to transpose or “index”. Wow what a special moment they had!

How to Index FamilSearch Indexing

If you have ever done any genealogical work searching on websites like FamilySearch.org or Ancestry.com or other genealogy sites and you just know that your relative is out there some where but nothing is coming up? Then you know the emptiness you feel when nothing shows in the search results.  Somewhere out there is a record of your relative that is waiting to be searched by Google or other search engines. But the only way it is going to get online is by someone manually typing that name into the internet! That could be you that enters your fourth great grandmother, or your third cousin in the indexing form. Or you could be helping someone else find their missing link in their family tree that opens a entire new world to their lonely life like what I had before I started my huge family tree that I now have.

So have some fun, try it out, if only for 20 minutes and just try one indexing batch with us this weekend!

Join us at FamilySearch.org/WorldsRecords

Volunteers?have made over one billion historic records searchable online since FamilySearch introduced online indexing in 2008. The demand for indexed records continues to grow as millions of historical records worldwide are added every year. To join 72,000 teammates in saving the World’s records, visit?https://familysearch.org/worldsrecords.

Watch our recorded Live video on How to Index

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banddaidRandom fact … I am GUILTY of hiding band-aids in strange places in my home … I always have more “just in case”.  Because when I REALLY need a band-aid the box is always empty thanks to my children and their attempts to save the world like Dr. Quinn medicine woman.

WHY you ask, because I have 5 small children. If the package of band-aid is just put on the shelf somehow my children are drawn to it like bees to honey or flies to food.  That freaky little box of band-aids calls out to my children and in NO TIME flat all 25 band-aids have been  unwrapped (wrapper tossed on the floor for the magic maid fairy aka MOM to pick up later) and used for the most tragic traumas you have ever seen.   Here are a few examples of traumas and life saving support  these band-aids have offered my children in the past…

1. Promptly put on a 3 week old wound were there once was a scab, that has now fallen off and all that remains is healed skin.

2. All over the wall, in a random pattern … some even over lapping.  Maybe this is modern art and I am just to old school to see its divine potential?

3. On little brothers “Butt Crack” since he broke his bum.

4. All over the TV, because scrapping sticky things off electronics just makes Mom SO happy… not.

5.  In a path on the floor, and they stick like you would not believe.  Left there so I can follow it like bear tracks right to the guilty party.  When I follow the trial it somehow always leads me right to my kids.  When I ask them WHO used all the band-aids they all look at me and say “NOT ME”.  Yet they are polka-dotted with them…. how then, did that band-aid end up right in the middle of their forehead?   ( I told you these band-aids are freaky little things and can not be trusted…lol).

So that my friends is why I Hoard/ Hide band-aids in random weird places in my home.  So do not be shocked if you put on a stocking hat in the middle of summer only to find a box of band-aids inside, or open up my printer and find Mrs. Piggy and Kermit the Frog hanging out band-aid style under the lid.

Just in case you need to stock up here are some band-aids that will ship right to your door:

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Looking for More Online Deals? Click here for more THRIFTY DEALS. Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.

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Before and After Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

A few years ago we purchased a home built back in the early 1970’s. It had really not been remodeled that much since then. There were still only one light fixture, usually off in the corner, per each room. Many light switches still controlled floor electrical outlets, just as it was back in the 70’s were they used floor lamps then ceiling lights.  The home we had just moved into had also been vacant for over 2 years.

It is amazing how much a home can deteriorate when not being used. The old iron pipes had corroded and the all needed replaced. The ac system and the furnace were on the way out and couldn’t keep the home even close to the same temperature. The electrical system needed revamping and circuits split and more new circuits added to handle increase in lighting. The bathrooms needed upgraded from the peach and baby blue toilets and sinks.

The kitchen had a terracotta color tile and under the fridge there was an orange colored paisley carpet that was basically rotted through. Not only that but in a large home it had a small and narrow galley kitchen that you could touch the counters on either side with only barely reaching your arms out. And our home kept with the traditional style home of having a kitchen table area and a more formal dining room area. As a younger couple we were not interested at all in keeping a formal dining room. And we looked for ways to expand our kitchen. We both wanted an open floor plan for a kitchen and one big enough not to be crowded in the kitchen when we had family and guest over.

We began our remodel of our home almost immediately after moving into our home. The kids helped my husband tear down the walls to the formal dining room. In the “before” picture you can see both walls that we tore down, on both sides of the door that you see to the right of the photo. Where the wall is on the far right side where you begin to see the dark cabinets on the edge of the photo is the same wall that in the “after” would of been along the edge of the granite that you see closest to you where the small sink is in the foreground. So essentially we expanded our kitchen over 5 feet wider and then behind the granite island you see in the foreground there we built two desk with granite counters and matching cabinets that go another 4 feet further into the old formal dining room. Both the desk area and the granite countertop island added a total of 10 feet or so width to the kitchen. Also by taking out the wall of where you see the photo on the wall to open up into a living room with couches really freed up lots of visual space to really make the room huge.

Even though now it may look great the main part of the remodeling post here is that we paid it off in segments. We lived for 3 years with sheet rock walls in the kitchen with wires hanging out capped and taped off out of the walls for the soon to be cabinet lighting. And we had plywood for countertops, and had only wood cabinet boxes under them with no doors. We built our kitchen in stages. Doing it in stages enabled us to build it the way we dreamed we would want it. If we had tried to pay for it all at once there would of been no way we could of even afforded to build it the way it is now. It would of been way to expensive to do it all at once.

Everything that we did we also did by hand. We put in the new tile floors with heating elements to warm it. After tearing out the old terracotta tiles and carpet under it and of coarse the rotten subfloor too. Paying off each job we did as we went allowed us the fun little extras like heated floors. And by saving tons of money by doing the work ourselves can save you sometimes more then half the cost of the job if you were to have someone else do it for you. Sometimes taking a week or two and watching online videos and reading how-to’s can save you thousands which enables you to spend a little more on fun additions to the remodel.

Just because you like to save money and live thrifty, doesn’t mean you have to buy poor quality and cheap materials. Living thrifty means that you find ways to save money and do things the smart way. Doing the tile floors yourself saves you lots of money, more then half because of how labor intensive it actually is. By saving thousands on tile floors gives you enough to spend a few hundred on heated floors that not only help heat your home more efficiently in the winter by radiating heat thus saving you money, but also feels great to the bare feet. That is being thrifty. If you would want to you could even keep all of it and just do the floors with no heat and save that for another job in the remodel. But I have to tell, heated tile floors make the hard cold idea we all think of tile floors actually feel warm and cozy to the point you would rather stand on the heated tile then even a padded mat.

We recently finished remodeling our bathrooms as well. We ripped out all of the sheet rock, tile, tubs, sinks, toilets and everything else down to wood studs in each bathroom. Just like the kitchen we added heated elements for about $200 per bathroom which is the best money we have spent in both rooms! The heated floor is so nice to walk on in cold winter months when you wake to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Doing all of the work in the bathroom after watching sheet rock videos and watching how to texture videos on YouTube helped us to save enough money doing it our self that we were able to afford jacuzzi tub and granite countertops, tile surround showers and all new fixtures and sinks and toilets as well. Sure we could of avoided the tile shower surrounds and just installed pre-made plastic tub and shower inserts, but tile with glass accents add to selling value later if we were to sell the home.

Just because you save your money and do the work your self does not mean you can not save your money and buy upgrades to your home remodel. Take time to learn how to do it, and try sample areas to test how things work. Not only do you save money, and install upgrades to your remodel with fun accessories but you also get a high sense of accomplishment in knowing you did it your self.

Not long ago we shared a post on DIY Concrete Stained Flooring . And a more in depth look into our kitchen remodel too.

DIY Concrete Stained Flooring

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teaching kids about money and consequences, #money, #kids, #consequences, #parenting, #helpfultips

Teaching Kids About Money and Consequences

I have been at my wits end lately trying to find a punishment that gets my kids’ attention!  It seems like nothing was getting through!  Until I thought of this.

Now the struggle of getting them to mind as well as helping them learn about saving and spending money are being addressed at the same time and it is working out great!

To begin with, lets talk about the consequences side of things.  The way it works in our house is by getting quarters.  At the beginning of the month we add $5 in quarters for my younger two and $10 for my 12 year old.  As the month goes on, anytime they disobey, talk back, hit someone, refuse to do their chore, or anything else that we feel fits loses them a quarter (sometimes more depending on the behavior).  The quarters then get put in a separate jar and the only way to get quarters back is by doing an extra chore or going above and beyond.  This is usually something they don’t know they will be earning money for and isn’t something they expect.

So by the end of the month they could have nothing left, or they could have even more then the $5 they started out with.  I realize this isn’t a ton of money, and may seem super small to you.  If that is the case, by all means increase the amount you are putting in!  It is great for any budget!

We plan on using the quarters month after month and paying them with bills so that they aren’t bogged down with tons of quarters.

Now onto the teaching them about money side of it.  We are trying to teach them the importance of saving for something they want, paying a small 10% portion to our church for tithing, and buying things they want.  It is hard for some of them.  Sometimes they get that money and want to spend it right away and then are disappointed when they could’ve gotten something better if they had saved for a couple of months.  But it is all up to them. With gentle reminders from us when the money is burning a hole in their pocket about something they had mentioned wanting that costs more then they have. (In our case this would be a video game that right now is still $60 and our son isn’t up that far yet!) it is ultimately still their choice if they spend or not.

I feel like allowing them to make a few mistakes and buy something they may regret later it is teaching them a valuable lesson.

I have found that this has also been great on cutting down their asking for everything they see at the store.  They are learning that things cost money and that none of us have an unlimited supply of it.  I used to dread taking them to the store because I always got asked for something and it is frustrating! Now, they see something they want and then notice how much it costs.  They do sometimes still ask for it, but if it isn’t something they need, it is something they will have to spend their own money on it.  They don’t usually like that idea!

This has been great at our house. It has worked wonders on both lessons and has eased up some of the arguing, tension and frustration around our home!

teaching kids about money and consequences, #kids,  #money, #consequences, #parenting, #helpfultips

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