A Thrifty Dad’s thoughts on voting

It’s Matt again 😉

Every four years there is another political person wanting your support. This year it is that year – to vote. Why is it important to vote? Many people even my self have thought what does it matter if “I” do or don’t vote? Living in Idaho as one of the highest supporting republican states, what does it matter if I vote republican or democrat? If I vote republican then my vote is lost in the huge sea of republican votes. If I vote democrat then my vote is drowned out by the overwhelming sea of republicans.

This is played out in many voters minds across the nation. This and many other reasons as to why it might be pointless to vote. Maybe it is because you think why vote for two pointless leaders. Maybe it is that you are going to be out of the country and not able to vote due to not being in your district? This year that is the case for us. We will be gone during this November voting Tuesday. But this year I feel an even greater need to vote. So this year I will have to do more and go out of my way to vote, more then I and my wife have ever done before.

This post is not meant to lean you one way or another. We have turned down many, many opportunities to share our political views, and have turned down paid posts to keep our site neutral. So I will not hint to my political stance, or even my religious views. This is a thrifty living site, not a political site. So why bring this up then you are asking?

Just as trying to live a thrifty life, or just like choosing to be out of debt, voting is sometimes a hard action to take. Budgeting takes weeks and weeks of dedication. But the outcome is such a great satisfaction of accomplishment! The satisfaction of not only being debt free but there is satisfaction in accomplishing a goal. This year it will be a big accomplishment for us to vote. To go through the steps to vote will make this voting season very important.

Not only do we as a nation have a big choice this year. But we also have a chance to help our self’s. No matter your political stance, I would hope that you will go out of your way to make a statement. Not to just claim your political side, but to claim your sense of American accomplishment. Our country was founded on the idea of our country being run by the people. And that our government is “for the people”. So this year help your self feel the sense of patriotic accomplishment and go out of your way to vote!

If these Iraqi women brave bombings, suicides and more to vote,

then we can’t we vote?

Iraqi Women Voting
Iraqi Women Voting