Albertsons Puts a Stop to Passing out Twice the Value Coupons in stores.

One thing you will learn about couponing is the rules are always changing.  We try hard on A Thrifty Mom to keep you up to date on any policy changes.  In an effort to help make you a better informed shopper.  Alberterson added this note on their facebook page last night.

They will no longer be handing out Twice the Value coupons in their stores.  They will still have them in select papers (hope that means my local papers)  but will NO LONGER have them in stores.  The change does not really effect me as I buy my papers with the A Thrifty Mom paper deal and get them for only $.28 each.  I bring them to the store with me, and plan my trips accordingly.   I understand that they have to limit TTV coupons for those who choose to “extreme coupon” and clear the store of deals.  But in trying to stop the extreme I worry they may be hurting the “everyday shopper” or “everyday couponer”.   As you know A Thrifty Mom has always taught you to be thrifty, but never extreme.  I guess time will tell how it will all work out, your opinions are valued and I encourage you to share them with Albertsons.  One thing is true Albertsons has always been a wonderful place for me to shop, and I do not see that changing any time soon 🙂

Hi Albertsons Fans!

Thank you for your feedback surrounding the recent changes to the availability of our Twice the Value coupons in our Intermountain West stores. To be clear, we are not eliminating the coupons, but we are making a necessary change to the program. Let us emphasize that we will continue to offer and accept our Twice the Value coupons and they will continue to be available in select Sunday newspapers. But, unfortunately we have seen such a large number of customers using these coupons in excess, and because of this we can no longer provide extra coupon copies at our store locations. It has been a challenge to keep select sales stocked, so we needed to reconsider offering these additional savings in such large quantities.

Please know that we are always open to hearing ideas and suggestions on ways that Albertsons can help you stretch your dollars. We’re excited to see that a number of our fans are interested in seeing us expand on our Preferred Savings card. We also continue to offer coupons in our in-store booklets, as well as in our exclusive email savings programs. This change allows us the opportunity to expand our savings into new programs, rather than just discontinue our Twice the Value coupon program entirely.

We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us as we continue to reevaluate how to make shopping and saving at Albertsons a great experience. Most importantly, please know that we do appreciate your business. Thank you!


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