Alternative to using Wood Logs or Pellets in your fireplace or wood stove

Alternative to using Wood Logs or Pellets in your fireplace or wood stove.

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Ever wonder why we all use wood for all of our heating. Sure they look pretty sitting there crackling away. But there has to be another way to heat your home and save money at the same time. Sure you could go out and spend all that money buying wood pellets or corn, or all the other small pellet type fuels. But what if there was a way to burn something that we all have in our home and usually end up throwing away into the garbage? Especially in the coupon world we tend to have more then the other homes.

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Thats right NEWSPAPER. Now I bet you’re thinking what do I just crumple the paper up and throw it in? Actually yes and no. Yes it’s just paper all crumpled and ripped up. And after just a little bit of work, you can then just throw it in. So what are we making? Newspaper logs! Burn that paper in your fireplace! By using a Newspaper Brick press you can turn newspaper into bricks or logs to burn in your fireplace or woodstove.

Make newspaper brick logs

Here is how you can save money burning newspaper in your wood stove or fireplace.

First collect all of your newspapers. The more the merrier, which means less work through out the year.

By collecting more newspaper you can combine all of the work into one processing day.

Grab a 5 gallon bucket of water

Tear, shred or rip your paper pile into pieces. The size really doesn’t matter, and your kids will have tons of fun making a newspaper shred pile.

If you have any sawdust, wood shavings you can add them to the water. It is not needed or required. It is just a great filler item.

You can add a tablespoon of bleach to help the breakdown process but it is not required.

Place your newspaper shreds and sawdust if you have it, into the bucket of water and let it sit for three to four days. You are trying to get it to a pulp slush or mush type state. The newspaper will easily fall apart into smaller pieces. You do not need to have it in total mush, just entirely soaked through so it will adhere to each other.

Gently mix the paper mulch to breakdown anything that will and to stir up the portions on the bottom of the bucket.

Now bring your brick maker over to the bucket out side. Scoop your mulch into the brick maker to level it up to the top of each container. Place the top screen on the mulch and place the handles over the screen and press out all the water you can. You may need to add more mulch to the top of each log or brick you made depending on the size you are looking for. The larger the brick the longer they will last.

Now remove the top screen and pull out the handles holding the bottom screen. Remove your brick and place on an old cooling rack or place on anything that the air can circulate under the bricks. Leave the bricks out over the summer in a dry place. Once fall comes and the cooler weather is here the bricks or logs you have made will be completely dried out.

Now you can burn just the newspaper logs or bricks with the wood logs to cut down on how many you are burning and save your wood pile. Or you can burn the newspaper logs all alone. Just place them criss cross in the wood stove or fireplace just as you would place your wood logs.

You can get single brick presses

how to make newspaper bricks or logs

Newspaper four brick makerOr you can make four Newspaper Bricks or Logs at a time

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