Aruba vacation – Grocery shopping without coupons – part 4

So we got back from the vacation we won to Aruba, last Tuesday, and we have been sharing our vacation with you. In case you have missed our prior postings read more here:
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So here is our second full day in Aruba. It’s Saturday and we have realized how expensive simple things like a bottle of water is at the resort we are staying at. I spent way more then I wanted to on a bottle of water on Friday night at the resort, after our sunset cruise on the sailboat. We got back to the room and I ran down to the hotels gift shop…Yeah, not a good choice but we needed the water. Although it was after the shopping trip below that we realized that the islands tap water was the best water we have ever had. The island used salt water and processes it through a desalination process. Which was awesome… But anyways Saturday morning we wanted to check out the local grocery store and went in to compare prices, and get some water.That’s Sarah showing off our two bottles of water we bought at about a quarter the price of the resorts price. So next time you travel, find where the locals shop and save money by going there. While we were inside we noticed the majority of the items were all in dutch, since Aruba is a territory of the Netherlands.

We took some photos of common items that we know are back in the states. Below is a 12 pack of Caffeine Free Pepsi. In their money  – Florin or AWG it was $12.39 or in US dollars $7.08 for a 12 pack….. ugggghhh

They must use a lot  of cheese and deli meats and sausages, because they had more employees working their cheese deli counter then anywhere else combined. And they had a HUGE selection meat and cheeses. I was shocked…too bad I didn’t take a photo.

The store did not offer gallon sized milk. All they had were Skim milk, 1% and Vit-D milk HALF GALLONS only!

In Florin / AWG it was 7.19 which in US dollar it is $4.03 per Half gallon!!!

The Philadelphia Cream cheese Fat Free in Florin / AWG was 4.99 and in US dollar it was $2.80 per 8 ounce size.

Egg-Land Best Large size eggs in Florin / AWG its 4.89 in US dollar it is $2.80 for one dozen

A pack of celery in Florin / AWG is 3.29 , in US dollar it was $1.85

To our surprise all of the cashiers had stools to sit on. Which we had to take a picture of! It always puzzled me why USA cashiers have to stand… strange.  All we bought was water… but it was fun to see the prices of items in Aruba compared to the States.

This was just the morning, so stay tuned for Sarah’s first snorkeling adventure in tomorrows vacation post.

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    Also not to be missed is Aruba Aloe. They have their own store with a large selection, in addition their products are also sold all over the island. We have found their products to be the cheapest at the grocery store, but again, for selection head to their factory store. (source:

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