Aruba vacation – part six

So we got back from the vacation we won to Aruba, last Tuesday, and we have been sharing our vacation with you. In case you have missed our prior postings read more here:
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So Saturday morning we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. We have never been there, and do not have any near us. Inside we each picked our donuts, and I happened to see Guava filled. So I tried it being on the island. It was ok, but it was no raspberry or blueberry filling!

Next we drove out to the northwest point of the island and visited the California Lighthouse. Named after a ship that wreck off the point there and not the state. It was high on a hill and on the windy north side of the island. We also got a closer look at the shrubs that were all over the island. After the 1700’s complete deforestation, all that grew here was cactus and thorny bushes! These things had huge, hard, and sharp thorns!

All all of the shrubs you see below are all made of those thorns! With a few tall cacti growing up from around them.

On the way back to our next tourist site we drove through a neighborhood and saw some huge, and very expensive homes.  So if this is your home we would love a stay with you on our next trip to Aruba…hint, hint

Then after driving a short while we turned into this cute little neighborhood. The homes were all similar in size and all had a cute yard with bright island colors!

So even if these homes are one of yours, we would love to stay here too….hint again!

Since there are no street names or signs anywhere on the island it was a little hard finding the tourist places with out paying tons for a ride on a tour bus. But we found them! Here is the chapel Alto Vista. It is a catholic chapel that is around 250 years old. It was very cute. All though we aren’t catholic, and being that it was Sunday, we reverently visited in side the open doors. It was very nice and beautiful inside. Not to disturb those praying inside, we avoided pictures inside. It too was on a hill top on the north side of the island and was also very windy.

More of our last full day in Aruba tomorrow…

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