Best way to clean your skin to avoid pimples

Did you see the post we recently did on the blackhead removing tools that doctors use? Many of us are pimple poppers and tend to pop our own zits. Many of us also go the to the doctor to have them remove acne for us. A great way to avoid having to pop zits is to cleanse your face and pores. Sure you can use those large mechanical brushes that spin. But what about all of the small crevices on our face. Getting the area around our ears, and eyes, and around our nose is hard to get cleansed. Using these small cleansing brushes will reach all of those tight areas.face cleaner, exfoliatorVktech Ultra Fine Brush Perfect Deep Cleansing Skin Pore Blackhead Control

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  • Keeps the skin smooth and clean by removing dirt, excess oil and any blockages in the pores on your face
  • Suitable for professionals and personal use; High nylon hair, soft and comfortable
  • Type: cleansing brush
  • Brush hair: nylon wool


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  1. How to Use:
    1. Wet the brush, rub with fingers, and foam by rolling with the cleansing foam.
    2. Gently rub on needed part like around nose or between eye brows.
    3. Cleanses the wool with flowing water, dry it and keep it on a dry and airy place.

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