Camping Hacks that will change your summer ~ Double Tent Cot

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Sleeping on the floor of a tent was fun when I was a kid, but I guess I am now officially old…. because sleeping on the ground about kills me know. I wake up stiff, sore and grumpy. That is why I LOVE the idea of this Double Tent Cot if you like to camp this would be a great investment!

Would you rather spend ONE night in a high end hotel… or get this and spend a whole summer under the stars??? You can only pick one.  I love a nice hotel but that is only one night, I love that with the same investment I would have this forever and create countless memories!

tent cot Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

  • No-See-Um Mesh on all windows and doors
  • Elevated cot base for off-the-ground comfort
  • Heavy duty powder-coated fiberglass frame
  • Easy use, corrosion-resistant zippers

Kamp-Rite Double Self Inflating Pad

  • Most comfortable self inflating pad available. 4″ thick.
  • High density open cell foam will keeps its shape for years
  • “Cored foam” feature around all valves increase inflate and deflate times.
  • Velour top for comfort and heavy duty pvc base for durability
  • Measures 77 inches long and 50 inches wide Comes with carry bag and cinch straps

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

  • Elevated sleeping platform keeps you high and dry and away from the bugs and snakes
  • Heavy duty 210D tent and rain fly is designed to handle most wet weather conditions
  • Versatile design allows you to use your tent cot as a lounge, a chair and a flat cot as well
  • Designed to set up in seconds. Allows you to go from the car or truck to set up in seconds.
  • Cot size is 90Lx32W. Tent size is 90Lx32Wx36H

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  4. I just got home from camping and I saw people with those! They looked pretty damn comfy, I really want one!

  5. The storm safety rating on this is horrid, for some reason there are actually people who buy this thinking the frame and being off the ground makes it safe in lightning and it’s not!

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  7. That’s a really cool looking tent do they sell them in stores to see one in person?

  8. I love a nice hotel but that is only one night, I love that with the same investment I would have this forever and create countless memories!

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