Can you save $ at a car auction?

Our truck from a GSA auctioncarHad an email about how much a person could actually save at a GSA auction. This was my email in return. I Think it might be of some value to other readers.

Well I used to sell cars at a dealership, and I was fairly current with going prices.. on average there was a about a $3000 savings to buy them from the GSA.. now that depends on the market for instance back when gas prices were worse then they are now a car sold at GSA for pretty close to what the selling price was on the street. but the trucks like our excursion was WAY under…. we bought the V10 for about 10K under street price. At the same time though it would be hard to make a quick turn around on it if you needed to sell it right away, but if you hung on to it till prices leveled back out like now, then you would really make a good penny.
it really depends.. The GSA cars are not the high end cars with all the buttons and features, every now and then there is one like that but so many people want it that the bid price goes over the street price … but the 100 or so others you can get really cheap.. Another website you can buy used cars at a bargain isĀ
FYI the first car or 2 go way cheap! everyone holds off to see what things will go for… so if you don’t mind the color( a good horse doesn’t have a bad color, is what i told my customers) then the first vehicle sold goes for WAY under value!
The trucks are mainly sold with the plain steel rims.. but for $50 buck a rim at a tire store like Les Schawb you can buy original chrome rims that people have traded in to upgrade to fancy aftermarket rims.. Tire stores hang on to these in case there is an issue with someone’s rim. But every now and then you can buy them for cheap to get them off their hands!

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