Candy Wrapper Gift Card/ Money Holder Halloween ~Mummy

Candy Wrapper Gift Card / Money Holder Halloween ~Mummy

Candy wrapper gift card holder mummyHalloween Candy Wrapper and Money Holder~ Mummy

The next in our series of candy boxes for Halloween, the Mummy.  If you missed the box tutorial, click here.

 For the directions for the Pumpkin click here,or the Black Cat click here,

For the mummy you will use white or cream card stock for you box.  Go ahead and make your money/gift card holder and attach it to the back.  Now that you have that part done, it is time to start ripping paper.  You don’t want this to be perfect and clean cut. The strips don’t all have to be the same size, shape or ripped identically.  After I ripped my paper, I wanted to age them.  I got crazy with one of my favorite products for this type of project.

 Candy wrapper money holder mummy

I love this stuff.  It gives a great distressed look and is really easy to use.  If you want to use this you can get it on Amazon here.  There are lots of color choices, but I really love this one the most.  To distress the paper, simply take your strip and rub the edge against the stamp pad like this:

candy wrapper money holder mummy 2

Do that all the way around, on all four sides.  Continue to do that to all of your strips.  If your fingers aren’t dirty when you are done, you aren’t doing it right. 😉 For the mummy’s eyes I simply cut two 3/4 inch circles and then rubbed them on the distress pad as well to make sure they were the same color as the edging.  After they were dry, I took to black circles that I cut out with a regular hole punch.  Easy enough, right?  Glue the eyes on where you want them first.  You don’t want to forget about them!  Once the eyes are attached to the box, begin gluing your paper strips.  I alternated one on each side of the box.  I also glued them on at a small angle.  I didn’t want them going straight across.

candy wrapper money holder mummy 4

Close up of the eyes and also how I attached the strips of paper.

Do that until he has the amount of coverage you want.  By using the same color paper for the strips as you used for the box, no one will notice if you have a few blank spots.  All you have left to do is add your box of candy, your money/gift card and you have a great, thrifty gift for anyone!

Candy wrapper gift card holder mummy 2



Candy Wrapper gift card holder Witch 2

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