Candy Wrapper Gift Card/ Money Holder~Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder


Candy Wrapper Money/ Gift Card Holder ~ Halloween Pumpkin

Ready to see how easy it is to transform the candy wrapper we showed you into a great Halloween gift?

Its so easy!  In addition to the supplies you need for the box, you will want some black paper, patterned paper of your choice (we used orange for the pumpkin), some brown paper for the stem and green for the leaf.  I scrapbook, and always keep my scraps, which actually worked perfect for this!  You don’t need a lot, just a small amount of each.

  I included pics of each step, but ran out of my orange scrapbook paper (of course!) so I am showing you using the green in place of it and the white will be the pocket you would be attaching for the money holder.  First things first.  #1 Take your orange paper and cut it into a rectangle that is about 3 inches x 5 3/4 inches.  This doesn’t have to be exact.  #2 After that you are going to want to cut  it into 3 long rectangles.  About 1 inch each.  I like to use a corner rounder on all the corners, but it isn’t necessary.

PicMonkey Collage

#3 Glue your long rectangles to the front of the money holder pocket. (I did it so there would be some of the darker orange base showing through, you don’t want the rectangles right next to each other.)  They will hang over.  #4 Cut off the pieces at the edge, so the long rectangles are flush with the money pocket opening #5.  #6 Now glue it all to your box.  Easy enough, right?

Here is where you get to play with it a little bit.  I did a traditional jack-o-lantern face on mine, but you can do whatever you would like.  Experiment!  There is no wrong way to make this craft!  I also chose to add a branch and a leaf to the top of mine.  You can look online for shapes and then trace them on to your patterned paper if you like.  I cut mine out using my Silhouette machine, but it definitely isn’t necessary.

Glue it all down and there you go! An adorable way to give a treat and a gift card for Halloween!  It is simple to skip the gift card pocket step if you wish.  Here is a picture of what they look like each way.  Missed the original post?  Go read it here.

Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder 5

Halloween pumpkin candy and money holder 2

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