Candy Wrapper Gift Card/Money Holder Halloween~ Black Cat

Halloween candy wrapper money holder black cat

Halloween candy wrapper money holder~ Black Cat

No bad luck when this black cat crosses your path!  Just the next in our Halloween series of  candy wrapper covers.

When you get your box ready that we learned how to make here, we can start on his adorable face.

If you are making this for Halloween, be sure to use black card stock for his body.  You will also need pink for his nose and ears, White for eyes and whiskers, and black  for his ears and pupils.  You should have plenty of your black from your base to cover all of that.  I am all about using every bit of scrap paper!  Its thrifty and helps keep the waste down.

I personally thought it was cute with his eyes different sizes, but they can be cut the same if you wish.  I cut one circle 1 inch and the other 3/4 inch.  If you have a circle craft punch that would work perfectly.  Feel free to find something to trace, a quarter would work nicely.

To cut the whiskers I simply cut small strips off of a piece of paper.  It is ok if they aren’t perfect, just cut them fairly thin, like a whisker.Candy wrapper money holder black cat eyes and whiskers

For the ears, I cut triangles like I did for the pumpkin box.

For the pink, inner ear, cut a triangle, smaller then the black triangle, but round the sides like this:

Candy wrapper money holder black cat ears

Attach those to the inside of the black triangle ears.  Now attach them to the inside, front of the box.  So they are peeking over the top edge.

Attach the whiskers to the box where you want them, overlapping the ends that are glued to the face.  You are going to be gluing those underneath the small nose, so you want to get them fairly close.

 candy wrapper money holder black cat face

The nose is a circle with a flat bottom.  Mine is far from perfect,  but that gives him character.  Attach the nose over the whiskers.

All you have left for his face are the black circles for the pupils.  This would also be cute with buttons.  For small pupils you could use a standard size hole punch.  Use what you have and it will turn out great!  Glue the eyes on to the candy wrapper box and you are ready to add your envelope for the gift card/money.  I chose to attach that to the front, but if you feel that is in the way, you could put it on the back as well.

Halloween candy wrapper money holder black cat 2

What do you think?  Easy, thoughtful and handmade gifts are always great!

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