Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs ~ How to dye Easter Eggs with Nail Polish...

Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs. How to dye Easter Eggs with Nail Polish in a cup of water! Super easy way to dye eggs and enjoy bright and vibrant colors on your eggs!

Santa Belly Pillow, Made from Bandanas! ~ DIY Christmas Craft

Santa Belly Pillow, Made from Bandannas! This is such a great project that uses very little effort and is thrifty!  There is no need to...

POPCORN Cupcakes!- Fun Movie Night Treat! DIY with your family~

What child does not like marshmallows-even more- cupcakes!   Add a movie and you have a fun night with the whole family, while eating these adorable...

How to make Homemade Apple Chips ~ #Apples #HealthyRecipes

If you are looking for a crunchy sweet treat that is healthy for you, then you have got to try making your own apple...

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