Happy Baby, Crabby Baby ~ Moments I Want To Remember

Life is full of moments, some good and some bad.... but these are the moments I want to remember with my family. Someone had a...

Quick glance at our week ~ Butterball Booty Baby, Honor Roll and Broken Camera

Quick glance at our week... just a reminder that I am REALLY am a real person behind this blog. Even if some days I...

If this toy does not make you smile… nothing will #Vtech

I can not stop giggling.... look what I found.  This adorable little toy from VTech Crazy Legs has a little bug/ worm (I am not sure...

Happy Face Mom ~ ( I must of done something good today) #MommyMoments

I walked in to see my daughter drawing a picture of me .... she has been know in the past to draw photos of...

Wordless Wednesday ~ Look who turned 5 months old this week

Words can not express how in love we are with this sweet baby girl!

I hate to run…. but this was worth it #5K

It seems like running is the new  "Thing To Do".... don't  believe me? Take a look at your facebook page scroll down a bit...

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