Cheap Cabin Vacation Rental

Cheap Cabin Vacation Rental

I’m asked all the time if I know of any Thrifty Tips of finding a vacation deal. Well depending on what you call a vacation, I have it! I came across this not too long ago and think it sounds like a lot of fun. These vary a little. Some have electricity, some don’t. But that might even make it that much more personal and special. Most have BBQ grill stations, picnic tables, dishes, beds to sleep on, hiking areas, fishing, even horseback riding in many cases. You may not be able to combine the free entrance and the cabin this weekend, but nonetheless its a Thrifty deal!

Below are actual cabins :

Even this old Forest Service Ranger Cabin for an awesome view (not for infants probably)


Now you may asking how much? Is it $250 a night – nope
Is it $199 a night? – nope
Ok – it can’t be under $100 a night, right? -wrong
How about between $10 and $40 bucks?
Prices vary by state, availability and popularity.
Think I’m kidding – NOPE – Thrifty Deal – HUH!

These are U.S. Government and Forest Service Cabins. Most are available in the summer, and quite a few in the winter. They have their peak and off peak, and vary in price based on need by the government.
You can set up water sport activities, and all most any outdoor activities you can think of. Check it out for your self at



  1. We live in Colorado and I just took a look. There are some really nice cabins with kitchens and running water for $100 to $125 a night. That is a deal up in the mountains. What a great idea. Will have to look at in for a fall or next summer trip. Thanks for the info.

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