Cleaned your Cache?

51A few of our readers have said they can no longer see the updated posting on our site. And they can only view it in our email postings. So this is for you. We have contacted our tech support for our sever a couple times over the last couple of days, and they have done some in depth research on our site, and have stated the only thing that could be wrong is that the readers internet cache is not updating our site, and it needs to be cleaned or deleted to start receiving new info. Here is a step by step list of directions for the five major internet browsers to delete your cache. this should actually be done regularly to keep things fresh. You may ask what is a Cache? A cache is a way your computer stores little bits of websites, so that refresh and returning to that site can load faster and more efficiently. It saves photos, files and other bits of info to allow the load time to speed up. But over time, too much info can be stored and cause glitches. To fix this it is best to delete this cache to start new and become more efficient. Follow the steps below to clean things up.


Internet Explorer 8 –
Go to the “Safety”menu
Temporary Internet files
then history
then delete


Internet Explorer 7
Internet Options
General Tab
Under browser history click delete
near Temporary internet files click delete


Clear Private Data
check box for cache
then click Clear Private Data


Safari Menu
Empty Cache
click to confirm



Google Chrome
Wrench Icon
Clear browsing data
check all except password
Pick time frame (everything)
Click Clear browsing data

This does work. Some have already said it was fixed in just 5 seconds, and are now getting all the latest post. Try it out and let me know if you need help.

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