Corn On The Cob Cooked in the slow cooker ~ Slides right out no need to shuck the corn before you cook it

Corn On The Cob slow cooker crock pot recipe , No need to shuck the corn you can cook it with the husk still on, Corn on the cob without husking the corn, summer bbq recipes

Corn On The Cob Cooked In The Slow Cooker ~ Slides right out no need to shuck the corn before you cook it.

Two years ago I told you all how to  Shuck and Cook Corn Quickly in 3 easy steps, in this method you do not have to peel or shuck your corn and it is ready to eat in 3 minutes.  But this method does involve a microwave  and you can only cook one at a time.   That is what lead me to the idea to try the same method, but in the slow cooker or crock-pot.  Honestly I had no idea if it would even work. I searched pinterest  to see if there were any ideas or how to posts… NOPE. I could not find anything about cooking corn STILL in the husk in a slow cooker.Corn On The Cob slow cooker crock pot recipe , No need to shuck the corn you can cook it with the husk still on, Corn on the cob without husking the corn, summer bbq recipes

So I decided to try a little experiment, and see if I could shuck corn in a slow cooker.  I won’t leave you in suspense too long it turned out amazing and was super easy.  The corn was plump and juicy and evenly cooked, and slid right out of the husk with no silk left. Here is how I shucked corn in a slow cooker or crock pot.
Corn On The Cob slow cooker crock pot recipe , No need to shuck the corn you can cook it with the husk still on, Corn on the cob without husking the corn, summer bbq recipes

Step one is to place the corn on a cutting board and use a sharp butchers knife to chop the bottom end off. You will want to cut the end off that does NOT have the silk on it which is the fat end. You will need a good sturdy knife to get thru the cob and the husk all at once. Watch your fingers and be careful.  Place the corn cob with the husks still on, inside a large slow cooker or crock pot.  I cooked 4 of them on high for 3 1/2 hours and they were perfectly cooked.   The crock pot could have fit several more inside. If I was to cook 6+ I would increase the cooking time to 4 hours on high.  If you wanted a low and slow option you could do low temp for 6-8 hours instead.

When you are ready to eat them, pick up the corn with a towel or dish cloth.  Watch out the corn will be HOT.  Hold the top of the corn (part with the silk or smaller pointy end) firmly with the towel and squeeze downward.  Give it a little shake, as you squeeze the corn will slide right out of the husk and all the silk will stay inside the husk.  You are left with a perfectly cooked cob of corn, ready to cover with butter and eat.

One of the ends of my corn was right up against the edge of the slow cooker. It did turn a little brown, this could have been avoided by wrapping the end with a little bit of foil. Not needed but an option if you want all your corn to  be perfectly golden.Corn On The Cob slow cooker crock pot recipe , No need to shuck the corn you can cook it with the husk still on, Corn on the cob without husking the corn, summer bbq recipes

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  1. You can also wrap in a dampened paper towel and microwave for 4 minutes comes out delicious

  2. Wow. This is really neat I’m going to give this a try. I wasn’t really liking picking the silk of the corn with my fingers.

  3. I just started putting it in microwave for 5 min, husk must be moist and end cut off

  4. What if there is a worm? I seem to always find at least one when I shuck before boiling.

  5. Soak in water 20 minutes and cook on grill til the shucks dry out on outside. Then shuck

  6. What about worms in the other end?! That happens when you pick sweet corn…..

  7. Another good way to cook corn….shuck, place in cooler and pour boiling water to cover……close lid….twenty minutes corn is perfect. Good thing about this way, you can cook many ears at a time.

  8. James Skinner one more way to cook your delicious corn from Skinner Produce U0001f44d

  9. I never make that much. Love using microwave bit don’t like microwaved food if that makes any sense.

  10. Thanks for posting, we did it for our dinner tonight and it was awesome!!

  11. A Thrifty Mom
    But without liquid… I think it’s awesome, I would have put some liquid because that’s what I always do. Would have been concerned about corn drying out.
    Really love your experimentation and am looking forward to trying it.
    I also have an electric pressure cooker…wonder how that would work?

  12. I did the microwave version (link in blog post) and I thought a slowcooker would be nice since I dont like to use a microwave that much.. but i love my slow cooker..

  13. Very interesting!!What made you think to put them into a slow cooker without liquid to cook?

  14. Marcelle Shreve Morel
    Tammy Nesom Welch
    Glenn Welch
    Good idea for our Fresh Market corn.

  15. Always someone in the crowd that’s not happy. Just leave if you aren’t interested

  16. Does it overcook the corn because it’s in 4 hours? Hi from Charlotte BTW!

  17. I understand that about the crock pot method. I’m just talking about the basic boil method. Most people will let it cook way too long after the second boil.

  18. 4 hours seems like an awful long time just to save a couple minutes Husking

  19. Deb Swearengin DeLucia no water with this method.. the corn doesnt get watered down and the water turn yellow cause the nutrients and flavor wash out of it..

  20. Brenda Bisbee Kardohely I did mine for 4 hrs.. it was so nice to just shove them in and forget about it..

  21. Hello from North Fontana, CA! Cool! I’m going to try it for the Fourth of July!

  22. It is not rocket science. 4 hours on high. Butter when you remove it.

  23. It looks like it will be delicious! Thank you sharing! Happy 4th of July!
    Juanita Daniel-Gilyard, Marietta, GA

  24. Do it early and don’t have to worry about that part of dinner the rest of the day!!

  25. My wife cooks her’s in milk and sugar it tastes great,im going to have her try it this way

  26. Going to try this for the 4th thanks for the great tip from Petersburg Va.

  27. This will be amazing for summer reunions/picnics…Thanks from Cincinnati!

  28. Can’t make everyone happy. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you’re doing. Sending love from Houston. U0001f618U0001f618U0001f618U0001f618

  29. Great, love not heating up the kitchen! Doing this when my family visits for summer vacation. Put in the pot and go to the beach! Thanks!

  30. My experience is bring water to a boil. Add corn and it is done when water returns to a boil.

  31. Awesome thanks bc my boys r obsessed with corn on the cob so i have to cook it ALL the time so this will b a great easy way to do it

  32. We got it from the HSN on TV an 8 quart it work wonders, never had one or how to use one till now , it is very easy to cook with

  33. We grew up slathering mayo on corn on the cob. It’s delicious!! Also, I found a recipe of the “Elote” they sell around here from street carts or fairs. I will post it..soooo good!

  34. Yes it does! Lol. But thank you for this wonderful tip. I love my crockpot and this is what I will be cooking tomorrow.

  35. Lol ok…maybe i will do that…to just see how long…i like it still crunchy. Hahaha

  36. Did u keep trying them on the hour to see how long it will take? Or how did u figure out how long to cook them?

  37. Love it!!! Got to try this out this weekend!!! U0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f60e

  38. More information please!! I want a pressure cooker so bad…but have no idea how to work it!

  39. I microwave 3 ears for 9 min. Cut off the big end. Hold by the top and shake it to make it slip out of the husk. U0001f60a

  40. Hello from New Orleans, LA! Looking forward to trying this on Monday

  41. So does this fully cook the corn? Is it ready to eat? This would be awesome for when you’re freezing corn. Except I’d need a bigger crockpot!

  42. OR ……Microwave for 3 to 5 minutes: For just 1 or 2 ears of corn, microwave for 3 minutes. For 3 or 4 ears, microwave for 4 minutes. If you like softer corn or if your ears are particularly large, microwave for an additional minute.

  43. I’m going to try it. Just got 20 ears from walmart for 20 cents each thanks bunches

  44. Please please Share this video to help out.. and share with your friends.. they’ll love to see it…

  45. Watch the movie The Future of Food to see why you should only eat gmo free corn!!

  46. So I don’t have a big on like yours I have the older ones can I stand them up.

  47. Can’t wait to try this! Good timing on the video for the holiday weekend!

  48. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crutch of the angry face person =P

  49. Was-mart had corn today for 13 cents. I stocked up. Will definitely try this.

  50. I have a garden full of soon to be corn. This is such a great idea!!! Thank you!!

  51. Can also do the same placing in microwave for a appx 4 mins – perfect slide out U0001f60d

  52. Stop with the mad faces – you just aren’t as cool as this super mom!

  53. No Water… just shove them in the slow cooker… and cook… NO SILK!!!!!!!!

  54. Can’t wait for my corn to ripen. Can’t find organic GMO free corn cobs on the stores 🙁

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