Couponing brings the love back into a romance

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It’s Matt – So you are trying to learn how to coupon, or maybe you are getting a tad burned out. It’s one thing that we all try and do, save money. But did you know that couponing can help a relationship? And that it can improve your love life? WOW yes I said it. Now this is not a post on coupons for romance products, you are at the wrong blog. But this is a explanation of my mad and crazy rants..

Now being so close to Valentines Day, and  being in the current economy, I wanted to share my non-doctorate, non-educated views on couponing and romance. Now to start off with most people either male or female desire to be rich. We all think that by having a money tree or being driven around in a long limousine that it is the mark of a good life and being financially secure. But we all know that life with riches, isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Reality TV stars who run into fame and fortune mostly seem to end their relationships and get divorced. And that so many multi-millionaires who strike it rich seem to become paranoid, and live a terrible life of seclusion and spend it so quick that they run out and end in bankruptcy worse off then before that “magical” day.

So how does all of this relate to couponing and romance? Can you name things that affect a relationship? Did you know that one of the most detrimental worries that ruins a relationship is financial stress? With that stress in high amplification in a relationship it drowns all feelings of love and emotions between a couple. By couponing and saving money on all of your shopping, you become more aware of what matters most. Working together to build what is everlasting. Love… Not love of money, nor love of couponing. Not even love of shopping, although that is a plus to see all of the items you can get for hardly anything. But it is the love of the person that means the most. The accomplishment of providing, the joy of the basic needs, like having food in the storage, and the feeling of doing your part. That helps take off the stress in most any relationship.

By having the comfort of knowing that if something where to happen, you would still have the basic necessities of life, such as food, and other essentials is calming. When we had Matthew, and suddenly our life changed, by our months in far away hospitals, we were very thankful of Sarah’s couponing. We were able to live off of our food storage that we had accumulated and focus on what matter most – family.

So how does this tie into a relationship? When was the last time you had a close and relaxing night with your loved one, when you just got done arguing over bills? Where did that romantic date end up when you both were stressed over how to provide for your family because bill collectors have been calling all hours of the night? What special moment was stained with the worries of where your next job was going to start from? See couponing whether or not you do or don’t have a job – whether or not you have your bills caught up on or not – couponing will help with the romance in your life. Couponing ( living a debt free life)  will help clear your life of the stress. It will make what stress you have shrink and bring out the love in your life. For those who have been couponing for a while, or those who want to start couponing will collectively bring romance back into your relationship.

Share with us how couponing has helped your family – Or if you are new, what you hope it will do –

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