Cupcake Containers $.15 each shipped FREE ~ Perfect for Christmas Goodies

 Update price is now $8.88 (shipping does take 2-3 weeks just FYI)

Cupcakes seem to be the HOT NEW TREAT these days.  A specialty cupcake can cost you as much as a full cake if you get the fancy ones.  SO when I saw these Cupcake Containers I was pretty excited.  These would be perfect to make cute little treats for Holiday Gifts or for parties!  You can get them for only $.15 each right now, they ship in a 50 ct pack for $7.28 shipped FREE!  Hurry as the price can change at any time!

 50 Large Single Clear Cupcake Pod Cake Muffin Carrier $7.28  $8.88 shipped FREE


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  1. Axiza this would be good..but I was just reading previous posts so maybe not haha

  2. I also bought these cupcake containers. They are junk…I should have listened to the review!!!! Would NEVER recommend this product!

  3. I bought these last time and they are garbage. They are too big for a standard cupcake. They are more like the size of a costco muffin. They are super flimsy, arrived semi mangled and dented. I can hardly separate them to even use one and by the time you get them separated they look like they’re been run over by a car. To add insult to injury they dont snap closed. You have to tape them. I’d take a pass on these.

  4. Don’t order these. I did last time and they are the cheapest quality, they don’t even close and are as sturdy as a sandwich bag. Now I am stuck with 100 of them.

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