Dad’s Wordless Wednesday

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Well today was Sarah’s day to sleep in (she was up working late), so I thought I would do the Wordless Wednesday post. This week our little Maveric has been quite the little boy. With all of his grunts and boy sounds you would think there was a Caveman Convention going on. Below Maveric was grunting at a toy shotgun shell. He has only played with “boy toys”. The only time you see him near a doll is when he is trying to poke out the eyes. His first toy that he loved to play with was a red truck, and he would grunt while rolling it back and forth. And balls, yeah… he will chase them around the house for hours.

Our next little mischief maker is Maleeya. She is cute but every time she goes to bed at night she is always the last one to actually go to sleep. Every night we hear her little footsteps prancing around getting into stuff. The other night when I went to bed and tucked her in, she had lotion everywhere.  Last night I had to take a picture of her doings.

I was busy trying to brush every ones teeth, and I turned around and saw red all over Maleeya’s lips. I asked her if she had gotten into mommies makeup and she said no. And I believed her, Sarah doesn’t have bright red lipstick. So I asked her again, and told her to show me what she used. She came prancing around the corner all proud of her self with a red marker! Luckily it is washable!

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