Did you know I am a High Roller? You can be too, enter to win

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Note - thats not me in picture, nor my cash

So did you know I roll with a ton of dough in my pocket? YEP – you know it!

Can you believe how much I made? In Fact lets see how much you – the readers – think I made.

Leave a comment here on this post – stating how much you think I made in a Class Action Law Suit against a major company:

One winner will be chosen to win 50 coupon inserts,

So you too can reap the benefit from such a high cash reward that we received….

Rules – one winner closest to the actual check amount will win. If there is a tie of the stated dollar amount, the winner who comment first based on website time will win the prize.  Sweepstakes end Tonight Thursday Dec, 8, 2011 at 10pm mtn.  For complete rules read here

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