DIY cleaner for laminate flooring

diy floor cleaner recipe, floor cleaner, natural cleaner, cleaning, diy

DIY cleaner for laminate flooring

diy floor cleaner recipe, natural cleaner, floor cleaner, laminate flooring,  cleaning, diy

(Here is the embarrassing before picture.)

I love my laminate flooring, it is the best decision I ever made for my home. If you prefer timber flooring, I guarantee VidaSpace NZ is the best at that. That being said, the dark color I chose has a bad habit of getting smudges and streaks on it from feet, the dog, looking at it wrong. I tried to mostly mop it with a swiffer, but that just wasn’t cutting it. It just streaked it more than everything else which was really frustrating. Then something wonderful happened! I was on Pinterest (that is where I go to get all my information these days) and saw several versions of this recipe and tweaked it a little to suit my needs. The best part of this is that you probably have all the ingredients on hand you need!

You will need:

2 cups water

2 cups rubbing alcohol

2 cups vinegar

1/8 teaspoon of dish soap (I use the blue dawn soap)

10-15 drops of essential oils I chose lemon and orange. Lemon has great antiseptic qualities and orange smells really clean. There are so many different oils you can use. Tea tree is also has great antiseptic qualities but I would steer clear of that if you have pets as it can be toxic.

For cleaning you will also need a mop or swiffer with a microfiber cloth attached. I haven’t personally tried the mop, but I would imagine it would work.

Spray bottle

a bottle to keep the extra cleaner in

Mix your cleaner in a larger container, adding all the ingredients. Give it a good shake to mix it all together. It makes a lot of cleaner so i keep it in the large bottle and add to the squirt bottle as I clean. It saves you time each time you clean too. Put your squirt bottle on mist, you don’t want it to cover a larger area without drenching the floor.

Spray a small area and mop it up with your microfiber cloth. The rubbing alcohol helps it dry quicker than it would normally. Work in small sections and go the same direction of your laminate to help reduce streaking even more.

It is so easy and effective you will never want to use anything else. It is great! I love how it makes the floor so clean it looks brand new, but in case you do need to replace it get in contact with the best floor tilers from Modern Tiling to get the job done. It is so much better than using harsh chemicals in your home to have to breath in and use in your home.

Take a look at how dirty this cloth is. This is really embarrassing to share, but you have to see just how much was on the floor even though I thought it was clean.

diy floor cleaner recipe, floor cleaner, natural cleaner,laminate flooring, cleaning, diy

diy floor cleaner recipe, floor cleaner, natural cleaner,laminate flooring,  cleaning, diy

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