Do we use Paypal?

ppOne of our readers sent us an email asking about our view on Paypal. I thought I would include this in todays postings to help others out with online purchases and such. Since society is heading to be more of an online community shopping is becoming more and more of an online event. No we are not being paid by Paypal – I wish- this is just our view of it. Here is what she asked:

I didn’t realize how much that I have shopped online this year until I sat down looking very close to my bank statements. I was just wondering if you shopped online using PayPal? I’ve heard of PayPal and for some reason my gut just doesn’t like someone else knowing my personal info!! I’ve even read there policies and I am still unsure. So I was wondering if maybe you could just tell me that they are okay to use and my info is safe. Unlike purchasing online and entering my information into there website I thought PayPal would be safe right? Why do they want your bank account info is it really safe??? What if they have a cyber scare and leak all your info? Will they pay for all the damages they cause you or outstanding debt?

Yes we do use Paypal and have used them for years. A few years back we sold scrap-booking nic-nacs online on ebay and Matt sold various other things, and worked up a good Ebate rating using them and Paypal. (LEFTHEARTMOM)We really like them and even have a debit card that draws money out of our Paypal account, and yes they do need your bank account info, if you are to be a verified account. But you can always load money onto it using MoneyPak. MoneyPak allows you to enjoy the benefits of PayPal without using a credit card or bank account. Pick up a MoneyPak at over 40,000 retailers for a service fee of $4.95 or less. If you don’t link your account shipping times are much slower due to funds clearing and taking longer as well many business will not sell you things if you dont, because the worry is they wont get paid.And if you over spend , they will draw the money from your account just as if your bank debit card would draw it out of there or apply it to a bank loan like many banks have protocols set up for customers. One time Matt had bought something that was purchased at a store we normally don’t shop at and Paypal called us to make sure our account and cards were ok and that we had our cards in hand. I thought that was a cool jester and made me think Paypal was watching over my account quite well.
Now there will always be a company that requires your personal info. Its just the direction our society is headed, so join at your own risk, but we are happy with them.

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