Don’t loose the pacifier

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If you have a baby in your house you are all too familiar with the pacifier.  Or  you might know it as the Binky, the plug or a BAAA ( that is what we call it at our house) With my first 2 kids I think I bought a package of binkies every month. They are not cheep, about $4 a package.  We were always losing them, at the store, church or in the car.  At night I was always on my hands and knees looking  for it in the dark, as my baby screamed at the top of her lungs.   I kept thinking there has to be a better way.  One night I had an idea, at 3 o’clock in the morning I found a needle and thread and  I sewed the binky to the corner of the her snugly blanket. You can also use dummy clips to prevent the pacifier from getting lost.

Just tuck the corner of the blanket  through , and make a simple X.  This makes it easy to take out when you need to wash the blanket.  It takes less than a minute, so simple!

It has worked great for us.  I never had to buy another binky!  Now instead of looking for a tiny binky we just look for her blanket.  Another great thing is, my daughter holds her blanket.  So when she spits her binky out it does not fall to the ground and get all dirty.  This might not be the best idea for a tiny baby, being  that they can’t pull the blanket away from there face.  So use a thin blanket, and your own judgement

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