Drought Hack: Grass Paint, color for your lawn during a drought ~ Budget Friendly Too

Save water and paint your lawn green, great options for those who are in a drought, budget freindly too I saw this video (below) on facebook last night and I was rather impressed. YES, I know painting your lawn might seem a little tacky, but with so many people in a drought and not able to water this is a great option to keep your lawn looking pretty.  Best of all you can even do it yourself and it is BUDGET FRIENDLY, you can get  1,000 Sq. Ft. 4EverGreen Grass and Turf Paint low as $29.99. It says it last about 3 months which means you can do your yard low as $10 a month.

Make sure you order a sprayer too  1-Gallon  Sprayer With Non-Corrosive 15-Inch Wand and Single Nozzle System

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19 thoughts on “Drought Hack: Grass Paint, color for your lawn during a drought ~ Budget Friendly Too”

  1. Ha yeah we use it at work to paint if they have a walk and it’s dead ha. Called green lawner

  2. Tiffanie Rini

    Yay! Idk why but I pictured you in overalls with your paint brush and bucket trying to paint our lawns! Lol with Zeus trying to smother you in kisses lol

  3. Mei-Lin Rivera-Adamski

    I was wondering what it does when you or the animals walk in the paint. Or when it finally does rains, is there wet paint all over your grass causing a mess? Does the paint run off onto the driveway/sidewalks or leave does it leaves patches of green on the grass when it starts washing away from the rain? If not great idea.

  4. Heidi Sabin Wilhelmsen

    Our neighbors did something like this during the winter and there lawn looked great. But the dog ended up looking green on his lower half where he lay- that was kind of funny.

  5. Joshua Florea

    I wanna do this. I don’t have a sprinkler system so I’m never home enough to water

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