Easy Air Conditioner Recharge Universal Kit – How to recharge your AC in your car

Yes you can do this! Anyone can recharge their own AC with this universal AC recharge kit. All AC lines look the same, and are on the passenger side of the car or truck towards the back of the engine compartment closer to the windshield. Untwist the plastic cap, snap on the adapter on the end of the kit hose, then squeeze the handle till the dial gauge is in the middle of the green section! That’s it!

Don’t go all summer with warm AC blowing. Recharge your own air conditioner! There is even the oil and conditioners needed in the air conditioner system to run for a long time that is included in the kit that automatically is sprayed in at the same time!

This kit is so easy even I can do it! So I know you can too! And you can stay cool this summer too!

easy ac recharge kit universal adapterInterdynamics (ACP-100 PRO) Professional Formula R-134a Ultra Synthetic Air Conditioning Refrigerant with Reusable Dispenser and Gauge – 20 oz.

It is as easy as 1-2-SQUEEZE. It cools interior faster with colder, drier air. Replaces lost refrigerant and oil in automotive air conditioning system. Special anti-wear additives extend system life and improve performance. System safe leak sealer stops most common air conditioning leaks in hoses, gaskets and O-rings.

  • Number one rated coldest air
  • Contains moisture and acid eliminator
  • Reusable trigger dispenser with built in low pressure gauge and temperature dial indicator
  • Extra long 24 inch recharge hose for accessing hard to reach service ports
  • New easy coupler attaches simply by pushing on the port, (the item is non-returnable )
  • Special Shipping Information: This item cannot be returned and has additional shipping restrictions


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  1. I have noticed that my car AC is starting to lose power over time. I’m not sure if it is just because of the summer heat but I would like it to be a bit colder. I was planning on getting some body work done at an auto body shop and thought I could ask them about the AC there as well. I think I’ll give this method a shot first, it may just need a little bit of a recharge.

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