Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Hey all, it’s Katie. It was my son’s birthday earlier this week and he requested an ice cream cake. After scouring pinterest and the rest of the internet for ideas on how to make a delicious ice cream cake big enough to feed a crowd I came up with this Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe.

This recipe is so easy! Its perfect for a summer birthday or a bbq.

All you need:

Ice Cream – you can choose any flavor you like. I chose cookies and cream and chocolate peanut butter. You gotta let this sit out for about 15min depending on how warm your house is and let it get melty so you can spread it.

Hot Fudge – I used a jar of store bought stuff but you could use homemade too

Oreos – I used a whole pack

Cool Whip – You could use homemade too

Parchment paper

  1. Use a little cooking spray on your pan and line it with the parchment paper. The cooking spray helps the paper to stay put. I did this so I could easily lift the whole ice cream cake out when I was ready to serve it and it worked really well.

2. Spread your first layer of ice cream evenly. Freeze until set. Depending on your freezer this can take 15-30 min.

3. While your first layer of ice cream is freezing, make the cookie fudge layer. I put 2 rows of oreos in my food processor and pulsed them till they were fine. Mix with the jar of warm fudge in a bowl. If you don’t have a food processor put the cookies in a gallon ziplock and crush them with a rolling pin.

4. Spread the cookie fudge mixture over the first ice cream layer. It’s ok if the ice cream comes through a little. My ice cream could’ve been more frozen. But it worked well enough. Put this back in the freezer until firm. I did it for about 15 minutes.

5. Stir your second ice cream in a bowl to make it a smooth thick milkshake consistency. This makes it much easier to spread.

6. Spread this ice cream on top of the cookie fudge layer and return to the freezer until well set. I did it for about another 20 min.

7. Stir you cool whip so it is nice and fluffy with a nice smooth consistency. And then layer it on top of the cake.

8. Crush the last row of oreos in your food processor and sprinkle it over the cool whip layer. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight or for at least 4 hours.

9. When your ready to serve let the cake sit out for a few minutes (5-10) so its easy to slice.

Everyone, adults and kids, loved this cake!

A few tips.

Freeze each layer well in between so it’s easier to spread the next layer on top.

The parchment paper made it super easy to lift the cake out and on to a cutting board but with a cake this size get a helper!

This cake is very forgiving. You can use pretty much any flavor you like, but I would stay away from flavors with big swirls of fruit because when it melts they get mixed it and disappear.

Give yourself plenty of time. I started this about 9:30 at night and it took me a while to get it done because of the freezing in between.

I waited a little longer to serve and the bottom layer was a bit too melty. Still delicious though 😉

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