Electric Foot File with coupon code, No More Dry Cracked Feet!

Electric  Foot File is pretty much a must have in my house.  For some reason my heels get very hard and callused, then they crack and bleed.  All of this can be avoided if I use an  electric  foot file once a week and finish with lotion.  Yet somehow I often forget.  Makes a great gift idea too! Right now you can get one for over HALF OFF! Use the coupon code below, but hurry while supplies last only!electic-foot-file-with-coupon-code-makes-a-great-gift-idea-for-mom-amazon-deals-on-electric-pedicure-foot-grinder


Order here –> Electric Waterproof Pedicure Foot File Callus Remover with 2 Heads Rollers

Electric  Foot File Price $22.99 BUT  only $9.99 when you use COUPON CODE: GHUBB9P2  ( While supplies last or till 12/31/16). Yes that is a crazy good deal on an electric  foot file!

UPDATE*** A lot of you are reporting that after code you are getting it for only $6.86 which is even better!!!


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About the Electric  Foot File
  • Refillable roller spins 360 degrees to angle it many different ways to hit all the spots on your feet easily.
  • Gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry, hard and calloused skin in seconds for keeping your feet healthy,comfortable and beautiful.
  • Safe for removal of hard skin from your feet at home or on the travel.You can use it with 4 AA batteries or connect it to the power supply directly.
  • Ergonomic design,water resistant,easy to hold and use. Waterproof grade IPX6.Easily clean and maintain your roller by running water on the roller.
  • Specially designed replaceable head with micro-abrasive particle for continuous filing results.


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  1. I don’t know where the link is please text it to me love your videos Lori Schillinger

  2. I ordered 4 🙂 ordered them each separately so I could use the code for each, plus chose regular shipping to receive $1 towards digital orders for our amazon prime movies. So doing each separate have me $4 in amazon digital credit.

  3. Thank you! I’ve been wanting one of these! When I ordered through Amazon Prime today, it only cost me 6.89. You can’t beat that anywhere!

  4. Ordered mine and signed up for Amazon Prime.. only $6.98 with free 2 day shipping!!! U0001f60d Thank you!!

  5. That’s awesome!!! I need that in my life! U0001f600U0001f44fU0001f3fbU0001f44fU0001f3fbU0001f44fU0001f3fb

  6. I just purchased three! Make sure to order separately to get the full discount!

  7. Ur awesome I love your videos I’m so buying this even if I can’t get my husband to use it i sure will lol

  8. Great product! Random question.. Do you and Colin from Hip2Save hang out since you are so close to each other? I feel like you should. I just adore you both!

  9. I’m so buying it lol maybe I can convince him or trick him into using it if not hey we can try wen he’s asleep lol

  10. Hi love these live videos my oldest is watching for the first time …i love that product it works really good

  11. You made me remember there was cake in my kitchen by saying don’t do it in the kitchen and make muffins lmao

  12. What’s up with all the live video in the Restroom? It seems like is every time lol!

  13. I have this, it’s so nice. It’s like foot dust coming off! Gross, but oddly fun!

  14. Yay! Thanks for sharing! I have wanted one for a while but wasn’t willing to pay retail. Thank you SO much for sharing the discount!! Can’t wait to get mine!!

  15. Free shipping and it’s final cost was $9.89 plus I opted for a later del. date and got a $5.00 credit on Amazon Prime Pantry

  16. Gloria Flanagan take it to the family history center and you all can have a foot party lol

  17. After your grinding and or soaking, put some Neosporin (with pain relief) on it and a bandage. That will help a lot, too. I speak from experience.

  18. I just ordered mine! Christmas present for me! U0001f600U0001f384 Thank you!

  19. Lizete Tru Lavolpicella you can start to feel it grind on good skin… the hard callous you cant feel.. so thats when you stop

  20. I actually saw it in the store a few weeks ago and was looking up reviews on amazon and they were pretty good. It may have been a different brand though.

  21. I was thinking of trying it for myself… but yeah mom would probably like it too! 🙂

  22. My feet get bad cracks in them like yours had. My foot doctor prescribed Ammonium Lactate Cream 12%. After your shower you rub on your feet, then wrap your feet in plastic wrap and put socks on. It helps a lot when mine get real bad. I cannot wait for my file to come in the mail Friday from Amazon. Thanks again! Hopefully I will have soft feet again soon and keep up on them this time :-).

  23. Nope they are more like 40 or 50, and it’s only battery operated and only one stone!! So that is a AMAZING deal!!

  24. My dad is a diabetic and my dad goes to a foot docter to get his feet looked at and toe nails cut. I would not buy this for a diabetic.

  25. I get those too…bandaids and triple antibiotic cream helps them heal much faster

  26. It was hard to see in the video, this is why my feet hurt so bad if I do not keep them under control…. big cracks that HURT and bleed 🙁

  27. This is my 1st time purchasing from Ur page. I just placed my Amazon order & the code was invalid. U0001f61f

  28. Thanks! Going to order it tonight. Got the hair straightener last time also :-).

  29. I tried to order 5 of them and it was only giving me a $13 discount on the total order.

  30. Each order only allows one ( I thin) but you can place as many orders as you want, if you have prime each order will ship FREE

  31. You can only use one code per order (I think) But you can place as many orders as you want. If you have prime you get free shipping on all orders

  32. It will hurt I have cracks like she does and I do that same thing and I’ve gone down too far and it’s taking longer to heal

  33. Amy Hawkins Nichols, Traci Hawkins Furlow thought you might be interested

  34. I love it 🙂 i saw it!!! I never thought i would use them, after 2 kids realized i do from your vid

  35. Did you ever think you would be filing your feet live for lots of people to see?!?! Lol

  36. Yours is corded? Mine is battery operated. I didn’t know they have corded ones

  37. My son used one on a lego and it filed it down! I have to hide it from the kids now U0001f602

  38. haha I just signed on to fb and I see u sanding your feet!!! I love it!!

  39. And yeah make sure your feet are dry and clean from lotions because the skin has that oily layer creates a barrier

  40. It’s nice of you to do this for us. I don’t check check out other people’s feet so I thought that I was the only one who’s feet snagged on the bedsheets. Lol! You are awesome! 🙂

  41. Got it! My husband is diabetic and has been talking about getting one of these! thanks for the code! $9.89

  42. Can’t stop either! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f64cU0001f3fcU0001f64cU0001f3fcU0001f64cU0001f3fcU0001f64cU0001f3fc

  43. I am so ordering this! I have bad flip flop feet and had to wear my dress boots out the other night because my heals look awful.

  44. I HATE feet, they gross me out but this is great. Your are awesome!

  45. You are funny and brave to do this in front of everybody, but I am glad you are showing us.

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