Electric Shocking Gag Pen $2.01 or Scalp Head Massager $.78 BOTH shipped FREE ~ Gag Gift

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Anyone need a silly gag gift? Here are 2 both shipped FREE for under $2.09 each.

 Electric Shocking Gag Pen $2.01 shipped FREE no minimum order

Product Features
Looks like a real pen
Shocks you when you press the clicker to write
Hysterically funny for the person who gives you the pen!
Not so funny for the person with the pen!
Simple, funny and harmless practical joke

 Scalp Head Massager  $.78 shipped FREE no minimum order

Product Features
Relax stressed muscles
Provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress
Relieve aches and pains

Please note these are shipping from over seas so shipping time will be a little longer than normal 2-3 weeks.

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  1. I just ordered 15 using the set of 3 option and got 5 sets. The grand total for 15 that way was $9.15. Scalp massagers for all!

  2. The scalp massager actually feels great 😉 I have one that I ordered free and love it. It helps provide a little bit of relief with minor headaches too.

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