Extreme Couponing – Is a second fridge worth the investment?

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We have had some questions about the cost savings for having a second fridge/freezer. We feel it is a great savings to have room for extra deals that pop up and are sporadic. So it have room for these type of sales and to be able to extend the life of food by freezing, to us is worth the investment.  To figure out if it is worth it to you will will need to do some mental number crunching and if you take into account the savings over all and how long that it will last you, you can make a better decision. SO for example a bag of boneless skinless chicken breast normal price is$3.99- 4.99 lb… if you wait and buy it at $1.99 lb  or even less, some times under $1.30 lb, then you are saving $3 per pound (at $1.99), and you get 15 lbs to last you say 3 months in a freezer… that’s a savings of $45 that would pay for your power that the fridge will use for 2 months.. and that is just one item.. so if you continue to stock it and rotate through i am sure the total gross figure would show you a profit on the groceries..

I know I will get a question on a good place to buy a second fridge or freezer, and  no we not paid for this – but Zach over at Complete Appliance is the place we use. They give every appliance a free complete warranty on all of their second hand product. Its clean and and all flaws are repaired.

To read more about our fridge buying experience, and to print off a coupon for 10% off CLICK HERE.

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