Finger Print Bug Art

Finger Print Bug Art

Fun and easy art activity for kids!

We explored bugs this week! First we went outside to find bugs and wrote down what we found. Then we drew a bug scene. The next day we researched worms and labeled their parts. Then we made these bug fingerprints! Add this to any bug unit for kids for preschoolers or homeschoolers or a boredom buster.

All you need is a stamp pad or markers. We couldn’t find our stamp pads so we used washable crayola markers. These worked just as good.

You can make all kinds of bugs this way! Butterflies, caterpillars, flies, bees, ants, ladybugs and more. Plus, there’s all the made up bugs 😉 If you look up in the corner, that’s how my son made his name out of bugs 🙂

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