Fishing anyone?

Well last week on our vacation we learned what our oldest , Matthew, is good at. See Matthew, was born with half a heart. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Having half a heart he is small in size because his heart demands so much from him. He gets winded very easy. Sometimes just walking from the parking lot into the store wears him out. So he is not going to be any kind of track star.

BUT – We found out that he is really good at fishing, especially with those top rated bass fishing rods. And if you know our son he has a very, very short attention span. But he will sit there and cast for hours, completely content to try and catch a fish. Now Matt isn’t the fishing type. He hardly ever catches anything. But since Matthew can cast as far as Matt can, one handed, Dad has decided he better take him fishing as often as he can. We want to be able to give Matthew a chance to use his talent. So Matt is off fishing with Matthew this weekend.

I found this great telescoping fishing pole at Howmuchfish I ordered for Matt. Go get two telescoping poles, each with a 10 year warranty.


Its $40 dollars, but you get 2. Now that’s less then most cheapĀ  fishing poles you can buy at Walmart. And you would only get one. And we all know that those huge poles in the garage just get in the way. Go to Skate The Fly fishing gear reviews. Matt will love this, because he can just put it in the tackle box and not have tons of stuff laying around.

Check it out here., or click the logo

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