Freaky video of Time Traveler?

So I know Halloween is over, but Sunday night I was scanning the news and found this video on a Time Traveler. A independent movie director was watching an 1928 Charley Chaplin clip of the “extra” shots they add to DVD’s to include all of the off camera and shots they edit out. Since he is in the movie industry he was looking more towards the back ground and the extra’s and crew waling around. In one clip he noticed what he called a Man dressed in woman’s clothes… now that’s not the weird part. But he noticed this person also seemed to be talking on a cell phone. Remember this is 1928. They didn’t have walkie talkies or even am radios that doesn’t need to be pushed around on a cart because they were so big much less held in the palm of your hand.

I know this isn’t the normal thing we post on, but I thought it was kind of unique.

Thanks Matt

Update from Sarah….Well I asked Matt to put up a post, while I took the kids to the Dr.  I guess I did not  say it had to be a coupon post…lol.  Matt I love you, even if you do add crazy things to our site!  You never know what you are going to find on A Thrifty Mom….

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