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Free Nursing Covers (a $ 35.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 #free #Baby

I am starting to feel like an old woman who says  “back in my day…”  But man I sure wish I would have had a Nursing Cover when my kids were babies.  I breastfed all of my kids but ended up with a blanket over my head while trying to get the baby to latch on.  Or the baby would yank the whole blanket off  to show everyone in the room everything I had been trying to hide, lol.Free Nursing Covers ( $ 35.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 #free #Baby

Well I have great news, right now you can snag an awesome deal that will help you hide your chest while breast feeding.  It hooks around your neck to keep the baby from pulling it down, and it has a curve in front so you can look down and see the baby while still staying covered. You can get a Free Nursing Cover FREE!  Makes a great shower gift.  You do have to pay  shipping but you can’t harley make it for that price!!!

 You can get a Free Nursing Covers (a $ 35.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1

*Shipping Update ~  average for economy shipping is $13-$15 and preferred is $15-$18. But you can choose fedex for 35 or more in some areas, and a few options in between, but the average is $13-$15.

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Free Nursing Covers (a $ 35.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 TODAY!


  1. I breast fed 2 little awesome boys I was modest and covered as well. I loved my backwards super hero capes.

  2. Yes but not letting your breast and nipples hanging out everywhere, maybe that is what is meant.

  3. Seriously, a TENT?!!!! Look at the stuff paraded all over the media and Hollywood all the time. And we have a problem with this?!

  4. You mean you are the one that feels awkward. Boobs are for feeding. If you feel uncomfortable put a blanket over your head so you don’t see it. Lol

  5. It’s ok. Isee too many people breast feeding their children out in public and its very awkward

  6. Lenora Anne Berne Angela Haroldsen Prepare yourselves….I’m SO getting one of these for you and I expect to see you use that bad boy out in public!!! 🙂

  7. Some new moms think that they need to hide but give it about a week and they will get over it

  8. Believe it or not, not all breastfeeding mothers are comfortable feeding in public, for many reasons, Not just scrutiny from some insensitive people in the public population.

  9. Just pull it out, feed your child, and stop worrying what other people think. Own it.

  10. maybe they should wear a paper bag tent over their heads for eating like a barn animal and Seriously what is wrong with society picking on mothers who are trying to give their children a healthy start in life?? When I had my two no one said a damn word to me and yes i used a receiving blanket when family was in the room or out in public but still no one said a word to me let alone look twice while I was breast feeding and this was back in 2000!! a lot has changed in 15 yrs

  11. Well, my baby would not allow me to cover him up. He would get sweaty & pull the cover off. Should I have forced my 5 month old to keep the cover on in 110° weather just to make others happy? That’s if he didn’t pass out from heat exhaustion first.

  12. Disgusted that Victoria secrets and boobs are on billboards yet we cannot feed our children showing less!

  13. Dumb….i nursed in public 1970’s no one said a word or noticed for that matter. What has this society become? We need simpler times.

  14. Why should woman cover them selves while breastfeeding?. Some people eat like barn animals but we don’t ask them to put a blanket over there heads.

  15. Perhaps we should just to people shields for those who’re are against the most natural thing in the world!

  16. There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t cover up other than to simply make up a, power statement

  17. Lol it’s sad that people can’t take a joke. It’s a fake product, lighten up

  18. omg our society has gone too far. Feeding a child is NOT an Xrated activity!

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