French Butter Bell ~ spreadable butter every time!

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Butter is expensive and it is ever so much better on toast or fresh bread when it is soft. Well that means leaving it out and running the risk of it going bad. Saw a french butter dish when I was over at someones house recently.  Here is what I found out about this idea and it isn’t a new concept either, share what do you think of this idea? Yea or Nay?

The concept is to pack your stick of butter (1/2 cup) in the cup section of the 2 piece set and place COLD water in the basin inverting the butter section into the water. The water will need to be changed from everyday (on HOT days) to every few days (on cooler days) and can be stored on the table or counter (away from direct sun, stove or other heat sources) for anywhere from 7-30 days with NO refrigeration. Enjoy spreadable creamy butter for your toast, bagel, english muffin, sweet corn bread, crock pot cornbread … ahhh you get the idea.

I had to check this out on Amazon and found these:

Norpo butter keeper

Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper $7.30 FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Norpro 291 White Butter Keeper, Porcelain $7.96 FREE Shipping on orders over $25

Norpro Stoneware 4 Piece Mini Butter Keeper Set $9.50 + $8.49 shipping (limited stock)

Square butter keeperFox Run Brands Porcelain Butter Keeper $11.24 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (limited stock)

Butter keeper in redAntique Butter Bell Crock, Rouge Red $24.95 FREE Shipping on orders over $25

You can get this one in Antique Azure, Goldenrod, Ivory Rose, Pastel Pink, Rouge (pictured above), Sea Spray, Sienna, Vert or White Linen.

Trudeau Bianca butter crock in whiteTrudeau Bianca Butter Crock, White porcelain & S/S $21.69 FREE Shipping on orders over $25


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  1. I like mine for butter, though I can’t eat it much any more. Tried it with margarine, but ours is too soft and slides out into the water!

  2. Tried one here in NC and hated it. I love the concept, but for me the butter would fall out into the water all the time.

  3. I first got the Trudeau Bianca Porcelain Butter Keeper and what a mistake. This is very delicate and with in 2 weeks it had a crack in the side from using a case knife (not sharp) to get out some butter. I originally picked porcelain as I read that the stoneware would pit and discolor from the butter over time. Read the reviews before you buy on Amazon as they are very helpful. In the end I got an original Butter Bell brand and am really happy with this purchase. Love the whole concept.

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