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Kris sent me this email,

The past couple of weeks when I have gone coupon shopping I have run into someone who thinks they are really cleaver, they have printed off there 2 coupons from the website and copied more on there scanner. I have told them this is not allowed but they more then 1 have told me they do it all of the time and get away with it!!
Anyway the reason I am writing you is maybe you could get the word out that we will eventually loose our coupon privileges if it continues. The stores could refuse them again, or maybe the printable ones we will loose all together. We still get the inserts here but there are places where they do not get the Valassies. Something to think about.
Anyway thanks for listening.

Below  is a post I did 2 months ago on this same topic, I had lots of readers say they didn’t know it was wrong to photo copy coupons so I thought it would be a good info to those who are new to couponing.

I am sad to hear that there seems to be an increase of fraudulent coupons being used. I would like to think that it is an honest mistake ( as we are all human and make mistakes) but most the time it is people trying to bend the rules. One of the biggest problems is people taking an internet printable coupon that is fine to use…but then they photocopy the coupon (sometime hundreds of times). It is illegal to copy a coupon. If you copy a coupon, yes it will scan, but the store will only get paid for the original coupon….not the copies that were made.
Here is the problem, the customer uses the coupon to pay for an item, the store should then get paid for that coupon. IF that coupon is fraudulent, the store will NOT get paid….causing them to loose money. So basically you are stealing from the store if your coupons are fake. In the past many stores quit taking internet printable coupons for this reason. We have been blessed to have most stores take them again….but all it takes is a few people to have them change their mind again, and mess things up for the rest of us.
So if you or someone you know is coping coupons I want you to know it is WRONG, and it not only effects you but all the honest coupon shoppers as well. There is a right and a wrong way to use coupons, I wanted to make it clear that this is NOT ok….and needs to be stopped. ( grrrrrr did I sound mean, I am such a wimp)

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