HedBanz Game ~ Fun game to play with kids! FAMILY GAME NIGHT idea

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headbandz game on SALE , sunday family game night, summer games for kidsI thought I would update this post with a new photo since it just had a HUGE price drop.

Last night we were playing HedBanz for family game night, my baby girl missed her nap since we were in church, and she was clearly NOT enjoying the game as much as the other. LOL, poor baby girl was so tired. I ended up putting her to bed so the other kids would play and not have to deal with miss crabby pants :).  Right now HedBanz  is a GREAT time to stock up and get this game as a gift or for the toy closet. Hedbanz card game for kidsHedBanz Game with free shipping options.

It is always a happy day when the kids play games with each other instead of watching TV.  The Hedbanz game is such a cute game they can all play together and makes them all smile and happy.

  • Get ready for the award winning, goofy guessing game of “What am I?” with Hedbanz
  • Kids use their heads in more ways than one while asking yes or no questions to figure out if the cartoon on their head
  • Be the first player to guess what you are and win
  • Hedbanz the game where everybody knows by you
  • Comes with everything kids need for non-stop fun Including Hedbanz rule sheet, 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and sand-clock timer.

Disney Hedbanz Board Game - A Thrifty Mom

Spin Master Games Disney Hedbanz Board Game


I got HedBanz  for my daughter for Christmas and we have had lots of playing it! Kids love it and I even have fun playing it as well!

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  1. She needed to just snuggle and go to bed…but wanted to be a big girl and stay up with her brothers and sisters lol

  2. Kid’s game? Ha! We have this game. And as I was playing a few “made up” games with my grands on Christmas day, I walked in to the living room, and who was playing HedBanz? The adults. That’s right. The adults were playing HedBanz. And they were having a ball!!! After playing with the grands, I joined the adults in a game of HedBanz, and loved it! So, it’s not just a kid’s game; it’s a game for all ages to enjoy. The kids joined in, and we all had a blast!

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