Functional Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Live in a small house or an apartment? Then you know you have to capitalize on all extra space for storage and functionality. It’s Katie. My house is on the smaller size compared to our area. It’s 934 sq feet and there’s 5 people, 2 cats, and a golden retriever living in it. After 10+ years of living here we have learned how to make the most of small spaces. Here are a few of my tips for storage and function in a small home.

My first recommendation is to simplify. Kids comes with so much stuff! Games, toys, shoes, clothes, craft supplies, school stuff, instruments, sports equipment… The list could go on. But we try and purge the things we don’t really use or love and donate them. We often have a box or garbage bag in the garage collecting our donation items through out the month and then my husband will take it to a donation site. And then we start again ūüėČ

Next is to use your space wisely. If you don’t want to get rid of things in your house, then consider putting your stuff in storage facilities in Melbourne to declutter your space without any hassle. You can rent a self storage unit for your kids’ toys, clothes, books and other household items you may not need in the near future.¬†Our home was built with plant shelves up high. We don’t use them for decor. We store books (we love books), food storage (things I’ve canned in mason jars), and even puzzles up there. It helps my husband is tall so all he needs is a chair or step stool to reach up high. Our ottomans all have storage inside them like this one. It doubles as seating when we have friends and family over.

My mom gave me this over the door storage shelf. I love it! I have it in my pantry and it really helps organize smaller items and gives me more space! She has 3 in her house. One in the bathroom and another in laundry room and in her pantry.

I have these IKEA rails and s hooks hanging on the wall in my kitchen to hold kitchen utensils. Easy access and it frees up drawer and counter space.

Under the bed! We use totes like these for kids toys and stuff for storage, and they fit under the bed well.

The closet. We took the doors off the boys’ closet so and put a shelving unit like this one in there (ours are from Home Depot and an IKEA bookshelf they no longer make). It holds a lot of books and toys for them and then we can still hang up their coats and my son’s school uniforms.

Corner desk. My office is in my bedroom and is a small corner desk we found at a garage sale that my husband mounted on the wall.

Speaking of corners we built this ball holder in my boys’ room. All it is is 2 pieces of wood with bungee cords strung between them. Helps organize their room and keep balls from rolling all over their room.

Outside we have a storage deck box. The kids store their water guns, chalk, and other outside toys in there. I keep some garden supplies in there as well. And I love that it doubles as seating also. This one is very similar to the one we have. The one we have was purchased on clearance from Home Depot a few years ago.

If you need storage ideas I hope these help! Leave a comment and tell us what has worked for you.

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