Funny retake of the Old Spice Commercial

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So a few years back Matt was the scout leader for James Harley. We have followed their  family over the years after they moved away. On Facebook he just  put up a video spoof of the Old Spice commercial thats out right now. Its a take off advertising his lawn mowing business that he started. In fact we actually had him cut our grass to when they lived here a few years back…

Outside of it being funny, I wanted to post it showing how thrift and industrious good kids can be. His dad is in the military and is gone on oversea duty quite often. To make ends meet his mom is an awesome food storage and canning guru. And James is a very hard working, honest, and respectable kid.

So sit back and laugh at his funny video, and if you live in the DuPont Washington area, maybe you can hire James out!

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