Halloween Bag Pirate paper bag craft Trick or Treat Paper bag

Halloween Bag Pirate Trick or Treat Paper bag craft

Halloween Bag Pirate Trick or Treat Paper bag craft

Halloween is just around the corner. And our kids have already been thinking of how much candy they are going to get one minute and then the next what costume they are going to wear. My girls have gone from princesses to witches to scary zombie princesses, even my 3 year old! She even wanted to be a pirate princess! This year this Halloween Bag Pirate paper bag craft can be made as is or add your own Pirate flair! Change the shirt and the color of the flowers… add a little drinking cup plastic sword that you see in craft stores. You name it and have fun!


1 brown paper lunch bag
Glue stick or pen
1 sheet of peach construction paper
1 sheet of black construction paper
piece of red felt
piece of black felt
piece of white felt
1 small white lace doile
2 Googly eyes – medium size
5 gold glitter stickers (found in embellishment aisle of craft stores or here online)
1 gold earring (I used a keychain ring)
1 white feather
Pirate Paper Bag Craft Halloween


1.  For the pirate face, cut out a 3 1/4 inch long by 5 inch rectangle piece from the peach paper that fits the bottom part of the lunch bag. With the glue stick, glue it onto the bag.
2.   Cut out a 7 1/2 inch long by 5 inch wide piece of red felt. Glue the felt to the body of the paper bag. This will be the pirate shirt.
3.  Cut out the shape of a pirate hat from the black piece of felt. Glue the bottom of the hat onto the top of the face.
4.  Draw a cross and skull bones on the white felt piece. Cut it out with scissors and glue it to the middle of the hat.
5.  Cut a strip of red felt about 8 inches long and 3/4 inch wide for the scarf that fits under the hat. Glue the scarf onto the pirate face directly underneath the pirate hat. Let the end pieces fall to the right side of the face.
6.  Glue both eyes onto the face, You can get some here.

Pirate Paper Bag Craft Halloween DIY

Add some Ruffles

7.   For the ruffled shirt, cut off the sides of the doile. Place the top of the doile directly under the face and position it in the middle of the red felt body. Glue to the red felt.
8.  Cut out a small circle for the nose and a wavy beard from the black construction paper. Glue the nose to the face. Glue the beard directly under the nose and on top of the doile.
9.  Add 3 gold adhesive stickers to the middle of the red jacket below the doile.
10. Add a gold stick-on “button” to both shoulders.
11.  Poke a hole on the far left side of the pirate face and insert the gold earring.
12.  Finally, attach the tip of the feather to the back of the pirate hat with glue (or you could use tape).
13.  Enjoy your DIY pirate craft!


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