Happy Birthday – MOM

To the Mom who brought me into this world:

grannyandpapa363I love my mom so much. Thanks for patiently waiting for my procrastinating spirit to come to this world. I know you struggled for a long time wondering why you and dad couldn’t have children for 7 yrs. I was just tinkering with the clouds waiting to make a grand entrance.

grannyandpapa323Thanks for being you. Thanks for learning so much in your childhood. Thanks even for the grandparents who didn’t get to know your children. Thanks even for that “Jay Leno” chin that your dad passed on! Hopefully they didn’t let you drink that night at the Copacabana Club.

grannyandpapa325Thanks for your beauty and for your education. Thanks for all the long nights helping me with my homework!

grannyandpapa287Thanks for writing to dad while he was away during war. Thanks for warming his heart. Thanks for putting up with all of his ideas! (Dad and Mom on their honeymoon)

IMG_2385Thanks for planning all of these vacations so our entire family can be together. We love you mom. Thanks for always being there and being you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…29 right?

Love Matt

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