Happy Birthday Sarah



So today is Sarah’s Birthday. She is finally 29. I only say that because I know she doesn’t care, but there is a funny story behind it. See last year she turned 28, but for that whole year she really only thought she was turning 26. For some reason she just felt so young I guess. It was so funny. I had to show her onĀ  calendars that the reality of it is that she was turning 28. She wasn’t really bummed that she was older, she was just in shock that she was 28.

So the photos here are a tent that I set up that I got as my 5 year gift from work. They let me pick from a catalog a gift for working at the hospital for 5 years. I wanted something practical, and useful. So I picked the tent. I promised the kids that we would go “camping” since it has been kind of warm, and the kids usually go to bed around 7 at night. We set it up in the front room. I keep the kids away from Sarah so she could have a break for a while, but she just couldn’t keep away. She came and read the kids a good night story in their camping tent.

So Sarah Happy Birthday! The 9th birthday we have celebrated together. But a fraction of the celebrations we will yet spend together. You are a wonderful woman, and a beautiful wife. A caring Mom and a compassionate friend. As we venture out further in things to come. I know we will only continue to grow together. Let’s remember the past, and live for the future. I love you. Enjoy your birthday.


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