Have a laugh and pick a hair style!

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So today Sarah has an appointment to get her hair done. She has been wanting a new hair style to hide her forehead, but with out the 80’s style bangs in front. Last night we both died laughing at a program on RealBeauty.com. It is a rendering program where you can upload a photo and it is superimposed on to a celebrities face and hair style. You can then change everything from hair to eyes to lip color and skin tones. We didn’t have a photo to use so we just took a quick webcam picture from our laptop. It is on the bottom next to our picture of the both of us so you can see how she really looks like.  But the webcam photo was not the best photo by far. No makeup, and late at night. I am sure we can all appreciate Sarah for being “real” and showing her self to the world with out make up or hair done. But we want to share our laugh with you as well. And at the same time You tell us which hair you think would look best! They are in 2 columns. Pick the one you like and post here in this format:
Right column and 5th photo down
Left column 8th photo down
Tell us what you think, and have a good laugh! Maybe even try the program out for your self!

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