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High Strung Movie review, in theaters April 8, Family friendly but thumbs up from us, sponsored

I was excited to be selected to prescreen the film, High Strung. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.  High Strung will be in theaters on April 8th (yes that is this week, so mark your calendars). Great date night or family movie night.  Not sure my lil ones would watch it, but my tweens and teens would sure enjoy it!

First, if you know me I am not a huge movie fan. SO you might be a bit shocked I am writing a movie review. But what caught my eye on this film as it’s PG rating.  If I watch a film I want it to be something that is family friendly, uplifting and something I could recommend to anyone.  I am a firm believer that you can tell a great story without bad language, sex and violence. So for that reason I was excited to be a supporter of this film!

This film takes place in New York City as Ruby Adams attends her first day at a very strict and successful dance school. She is from the midwest and attending on scholarship.   She is sweet, graceful, generous and see’s good and hope in others and in the world.  Meanwhile in the same city, playing  his violin in the subway is Johnnie Blackwell.  A moody, edgy, eccentric violin player who seems to have a hard past.   The two meet and seem to hit it off right away, but Johnnies bad behavior seems incompatible with Ruby’s generosity and hope for a better day.

Through a series of events the two get a seconds chance, their romance heats up as they dance the tango. Only to then have Johnnie and Ruby’s date for the night (who becomes jealous as they dance)  have a “Battle Of The Violin”, which kind of  reminded me of a sword fight among knights fighting for their ladies hand… but a modern day Lindsey Stirling version.  The movie leads up to a music and dance competition  that  Ruby and Johnnie decide to enter together… and if they win would change their lives forever.

If your family loves dance and good music then you are going to love this film. Hope you plan to watch it as it comes out this Friday April 8th! You can get tickets and more information on the official High Strung Movie page.

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Disclosure this post was sponsored by High Strung Movie, all opinions are my own.