How to find and clean pet urine ~ this blacklight will change your life!

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How to find and clean pet urine ~ this blacklight will change your life!

I can not be the only person in the world that has been down on my hands and knees SNIFFING the floor trying to figure out where that awful smell is coming from. If you have a pet one of these blacklight flashlights will be well worth every penny.

Pet owner gift ideas, How to get rid of pet oder in your house, UV Urine & Stain Detector Blacklight perfect for dogs, cats or even toddlers So you can find the spots to clean within seconds. Or if you have a toddler you might want one too, since they have to be house trained as well, lol.  Or just to show your kids how gross the toilet really is, when they say “But I already cleaned it”.  Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift idea!

Vansky® Pets Ultra Violet Urine Detector Dog/Cat Stain Remover Fluorescent Whitening Agents Detector, UV Black light Flashlight, Find Dry Stains on Carpets, Rugs, Curtains & Fabrics. 3 x AAA Batteries Included & Inserted

$9.99 (was $29.99) but when you use coupon code  J6WRU8TN at checkout, it will bring the price down to only $4.99. Price and coupon are valid till 11/1/15. Amazon prices change often and without notice so please verify price before you purchase.

  • PRACTICAL — Vansky UV flashlight is Perfect for Revealing Dry Dog, Cat and Rodent Stains and unfavourable Spots that Couldn’t See With the Naked Eye. Easily Spot Scorpions, Authenticate currency,Driver license,Official Identification cards,Passports. It can also act as Nail Dryer.
  • SAFETY USE — With it you can find Fluorescent Whitening Agent contained in Baby clothes or your cosmetics, ensuring safe from Fluorescent Agent. For the items that Contain no Fluorescent Whitening Agent,it will show purple light; For the items that contain Fluorescent Whitening Agent,it will show blue light.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE — Emits 395nm wavelength with 12 top quality ultraviolet led lights, each LED lasts up to 12 years.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED — 3 x (AAA) Batteries Included So You Can Start Spotting Straight Away & Identify Your Furry Friends Favorite Spots Immediately. It can be taken anywhere or easily stored for the small size.
  • WHAT YOU GET — Vansky® Pet UV Urine & Stain Detector Blacklight, 45 Days Money Back and one year guarantee and friendly, easy-to-reach support.

More blacklight options

OxyLED 12 LED Pet UV Light Urine Stain Detector Black light Flashlight

  • SHOW DRIED URINE&STAINS of dogs\cats\animals on carpet\rugs\clothes, food stains on floor\table
  • EASILY SPOT Scorpions, Authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passport
  • 50000Hrs; Rugged air-craft grade aluminum and hard anodizing finish
  • Use three AAA batteries- Included!
  • Reliable and friendly customer service: ready to respond within 24 hours, 30-day money back guarantee

More Blacklight options

Spot’s Light UV Black light Flashlight, Silver 12 LED, Ultraviolet Pet Urine Stain Detector Finds Dog and Cat Pee on Carpets, Rugs, any Floor or Wall

  • SPOTS UV FLASHLIGHT Finds Hidden Pet Stains/Odors Fast Making Them Glow With the Power of UV Light
  • SAVE TIME-MONEY Hiring Professionals. You can DIY With Spots Blacklight Flashlight More Efficiently
  • POWERFUL AND PORTABLE LED Ultraviolet Flashlight is 3.5″ x 1.5″. You Can Take or Store It Anywhere
  • AUTHENTICATE Currency, Photo IDs, Notes, Credit Cards, Checks, Passports, and other Documents
  • MORE USES- Postal and Customs Checks, Hotel Inspection, House Cleaning, Scorpion Hunting, Auto Leaks

These products get great reviews on cleaning up urine once you find it, and helping to get rid of the smell.
Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer Formula Stain & Residue Eliminator, 32-Ounce Pour Bottle (P-5727)

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover, 24-Ounce Spray


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  1. Oh, that’s a cool tool to use for detecting pet stains on carpets, wood, and other things. A blacklight tool like that has me thinking about adding it on to my carpet cleaning tools to use. Well, so far I just have wet wipes to clean the stains and I can hardly see the stains when cleaning them.

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