How to fix broken Christmas Lights

How to fix broken Christmas Lights – DIY

Soon it will be time to set up the Christmas lights outside! Don’t get stuck throwing away old Christmas lights just because you can’t figure out why they won’t work!
How to fix broken Christmas LightsDon’t throw them away! What about your Pre-Lit Christmas tree with a couple branches that the lights wont work on? Don’t hang more lights, or even throw away the entire tree!

Fix the broken Christmas Light wires with a simple CLICK!

Do what I did – Get the Light Keeper Pro – It really works –

See the video instructional I made:

If you can’t see the embedded video, watch it on our YouTube Channel

This was in no way a paid review. In fact I have never talked with anyone from their company! I just really love being able to fix my old Christmas lights!

Like other Amazon deals, the prices can change with out notice! So hurry on over and don’t wait – the price might change!


26 thoughts on “How to fix broken Christmas Lights – DIY”

  1. It is obviously mandatory for everyone to set up a
    arrangement for Christmas but that does not mean that you need to spend a
    fortune on the process. Christmas lights are quite prone to being broken
    because they are fragile and only used once or twice a year. This guide for
    fixing Christmas lights is very helpful for anyone who does not want to buy new
    lights every Christmas.

  2. Ammy Scheibe Moore

    I wish i had this a week ago. I threw away 5 or 6 strings of light because they were “broken”. I need to get one of these.

  3. throw them away and buy a new set! thats what o do….i have no patience for that!!! lol…

  4. Cyndy Seidel Swerdlove

    Thank you, I have one and now I understand how it works. I thought I had to figure out which bulb was out first but nope.

  5. Marlene Constantino

    its my best friend at Christmas time or anytime im hanging lights for holidays…

  6. Dtnetdonna Hollander

    Purchased this little tool last year and it does work great!

  7. Home depot has trade in on those light you get either $3.00 $4.00 or $5.00 coupons for a new set in led lights

  8. Amanda Campuzano

    I don’t get it how do you know which bulb is bad if you have a row of unlit Christmas lights?

  9. Jessi Taylor

    Hmm.I was planning to buy a prelit tree because I hate getting tangled up on stringed lights and having probs finding which bulbs are blown… apparently the prelit ones aren’t any better. :-/ guess I’ll just buy one of these and stick with the strings

  10. Lisa DeVan Carson

    Last year I took all of the lights off of my 8′ (very full) prelit tree. I loved the tree so much, but got so frustrated with the lights. I’ll never buy another prelit tree. After this one, they’ll all be real. When the lights go bad, I try by best to find the culprit with the light gun. If my best isn’t good enough, hello new lights.

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