how to help kids with homework

How to help kids with their homework – Life Hacks, Homework Hacks

We have 4 of our five kids all in school. Three of them are still in elementary school and the oldest is in highschool. They love school and have had some great years learning how to be a student. Sure they have learned to read and do math and have learned science and all things high school of music and art. Even our oldest girl who is in 5th grade has a reading level of a student half way through 10th grade. She is in an advanced placement class all day. She loves science and her favorite is reading instruction manuals. But even though she is so smart she still needs help doing her homework. Not so much the actual math problems or spelling that she needs help with, but it is the learning how to be a good student and turn her homework into her teacher.  She is like our mad scientist. She completes all of her homework but has had the hardest time remembering to just turn it in. She get carried away with her orchestra in the morning, and then seeing her friends and then gets excited when it is time to learn. And quite often we have to come up with fun ways to help her to remember to turn her assignments into the homework basket in class, and for difficult assignments like essays we also take advantage of services like the best essay writing service reddit just for this. She needs to make it a learned habit now before high school and college come where teachers aren’t as lenient as elementary teachers are. Although, she can get expert college homework help from good websites.

Recently we came across these long post it type notes. We write down what she needs to remember to do when she gets to class, and then wrap it around her wrist like a string around her finger. Writing her to-do list and wrapping it around her wrist has helped her stay on track and is helping her make good habits now so she is prepared when she is in high grades. We recommend you to check out SEO Magnifier guide to plagiarism changer online which is so useful in essay writing.

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  1. A Thrifty Mom

    they are sticky notes.. just sticky notes that we use to wrap around her wrist so she remembers to turn in homework, or ask the teacher something, that kind of stuff… a normal sticky note just gets lost in her folder.. so one around her wrist makes it easy to remember..

  2. Cindy Fox Maxwell

    These are cute, but it took 4 of us to read and reread the description on amazon as it was so confusing!

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