How to NOT park your car

bad parking job

Matt and I where out on our “date”…. we went to lunch and then to a fabric store.   Ya I know it might not sound that romantic to you,  but having lunch with my husband and strolling threw the fabric store WITHOUT children makes it romantic, and fun (you won’t understand this if you don’t have kids).  Don’t get me wrong I love my 4 little “balls of energy” but sometimes it is nice to sit down…. and just chew my food, then swallow.  Yip that is right, chew my food and then swallow without a sticky hand tapping my arm telling me that her brother is breathing on her.  Or cleaning up another spilled cup of water, or ordering a new meal because my sweet child decided to “salt” my food for me when I was cutting up the toddlers plate so he would not choke….   Never a dull moment with kids around.

Ok… on with my little story.  So Matt and I went to lunch at Tuscanos, I had a free meal coupon for my birthday.  We enjoyed lunch then headed over to Home Fabrics so we could pick out  fabric to cover some pillows (why do my pillows need new covers, because the sticky hands don’t only touch my arm but find my couch pillows as well).  We were in no rush, we pulled up and were getting ourselves together to get out of the truck.  When I see this gold car WHIP into the parking space a few empty spaces next to me.  BUT she was NOT really in a space, instead straddling the yellow line, taking up TWO spots.

I looked over to Matt and said, ” Wow this lady is worse at parking the car then me.”  But I thought for sure she would back up and attempt to park a little better.  NOPE, she popped out of that car like a tinkerbell princess going to the ball.  And pranced herself right into the store.  I just sat and watched the whole thing, with my mouth open in shock.  I looked at my husband and then busted up laughing. If you have a really old vehicle sitting on your garage that isn’t working anymore, you can call unwanted car removal sydney and they’ll even give you cash.

And THAT is why going on a date with your husband is so important.  A few hours of time away from the busy life to just laugh and have fun together.

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  1. This lady was probably thinking what I think when I park like this: geeze they pack these spots in so tight no way can I get out of my vehicle without hitting the one next to me. Picture this: brand new 30,000+ truck, 1 week later a horrible door ding mars the passenger side. although I know it was probably from carelessness, it could have been because these parking lots are designed for compact cars and not suv’s. Just my thought.

  2. This doesn’t feel like Sarah’s usual posts….are we sure she actually wrote this?

  3. That was me! My daughter was out of diapers & my husband only had a few minutes before he had to go to work! Since our second car was in the shop I only had a few minutes…sorry.

  4. People do that so you won’t ding their car doors (usually its really nice cars that do that or new cars) Why does it always make me want to key down the car though hahaha Just Kidding !!!

    • Me too!! If you are that worried about a car… park in the back of the parking lot princess.

  5. LOL maybe she was color blind..>LOL… Are you talking about Tuscano’s in Sumner? That is my favorite place to have a nice grownup,no kid dinner….

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