How to save on meat

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One of the most commonly asked question in our inbox, is how to save on meat with coupons.  Well there are not a lot of meat coupons out there.  This is a topic we have discussed before and there are lots of ways to save.  A few examples are  buying the promo meat of the week, saving on other products to allow more money in your budget for meat or buying wholesale.

But today I am going to show you how to instantly save $2.00 a lb on chicken.

Many of you saw my post earlier, where I purchased 10 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast at Albertsons for $1.99 a lb.  I was totally out of chicken so I thought I better stock up, yes not the lowest price I have ever seen.  But anything under $2.00 a lb is a good price in my book.

Many of you know I am a farm girl, I have butchered cows and I am not afraid to get dirty.  But what you may not know is raw chicken makes me want to gag  (well lets be honest here, when I was pregnant I DID gag….. my whole body puts up a fight and I dry heave out of control…. go a head and laugh)  All the extra little “giggly fat bits” just send me over the edge :).

So that being said what I “want” to purchase is the pretty looking hand trimmed breasts. But the price is not really thrifty, normally $3.99-$4.99/lb a good $2 or $3 more per pound.   But since we can’t all have or afford  the breast we want in life (oh dear that sounds so wrong…lol).  I take home the ones that cost less but just do not look as pretty.

I then place the packages in the freezer for an hour.  Just to get them good and cold, and form a little ice on them. This helps them not feel so slimy. I then cut all the extra fat off.  With in a few seconds my “ugly $1.99 chicken breasts”  have  been magically transformed into the “perfect pretty $4.99 chicken breasts”.  I then bag it, and keep it in my freezer till I am ready to use it to feed my family.

I weighed what I cut off the 10lbs and it was just under a pound.

So 9lbs of perfect chicken breast done at home cost me $19.90

If I would have bought 9 lbs of hand trimmed chicken breast from the store it would have cost me $35.91-$44.91

What a Mommy will do to save her family money….even if a little gagging is involved 🙂

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