How to toilet train a cat – First step buy the kit

61rl0zPcx3L._SY450_CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Has anyone been successful training their cats to use the toilet? We just bought this last night and once it is delivered we will go through the process and share our two cats training.

kitty cat toilet training kit

We are just so tired of the smell of a kitten litter box. And no matter how many times a day we scoop it out there is still a distinct smell. We have switched litters a few times and finally found an odorless litter that we can tolerate. So we know it’s just the kitties. We love our kittens but just can not stand the embarrassment of the cat smell in the house when friends and family come over.

So let us know. Have you toilet trained your cats, and what are the pros and cons. My guess is the cons are that you find a dirty toilet bowl, but that has got to be better than always scooping it? The pros is probably the same?

Check it out and let us know. And stay tuned for our videos showing our cats  toilet training process.

CittyKitty cat toilet training

  • No more messing with dirty litter or cleaning the litter box
  • Save thousands of dollars on kitty litter
  • Ideal for older cats, large cats, kittens over 3 months, and multiple-cat households
  • Works with all sizes and shapes of toilets
  • Includes training seat and insert, guide, tip card, and catnip


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  1. Bought a simuliar kit (same-different name) and our kitty picked it up within 2 days for the 1st
    tray and a few more days for the next and finally -instantly just the ring. Just need consistency.

  2. I gotta say….. eeww.
    That grosses me out. As a guest in your home, I think I’d rather smell your stinky litter box than use your bathroom where a cat has squatted! 🙂
    Sorry – I’m not really a cat person, so maybe that is why I find it so icky.
    Good luck though, I hope it works for you.

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